Singles’ Day 2019 – a missed opportunity for UK’s luxury brands?


According to research conducted by integrated marketing solutions provider Rakuten Marketing ahead of the 2019 holiday period, 75% of Chinese shoppers will make Singles’ Day a focus for their gift purchasing in this year’s Golden Quarter, and 40% express clear interest in buying from UK brands.

However, only certain brands are responding to the opportunity. Despite 65% of Chinese shoppers stating ‘better quality’ is one of the key drivers to look overseas for products, just one in five   .

Abi Jacks, senior director, Marketing EU at Rakuten Marketing, states: “Certainly brands such as Burberry have embraced their international appeal, but these latest findings for 2019 highlight a largely missed opportunity which brands should by now recognise is real with such a large tranche of the Chinese population interested in buying from UK labels.”

This perhaps reflects the seasonal approach luxury fashion marketers take, with no respondents in the UK stating they keep marketing campaigns constant throughout the year – a trend which extends to marketers in France.

Another important area of Singles’ Day is about having pride in singledom and enjoying spending time with oneself, particularly when it comes to experiences and travel.

While APAC based airlines such as Jetstar are well-known to offer timely deals, Singles’ Day is now recognised by a large proportion of European travel marketers. In France, a quarter of travel marketers are launching campaigns, whilst a fifth are also doing so in Germany. Although UK travel marketers lag behind with just 11% seeing Singles’ Day as a marketing focus.

Jacks comments “The uptick in marketing campaigns from travel marketers in Europe is a positive sign that these brands are looking to grow their global networks and engage some of the most affluent consumers wherever they may be in the world. The success these brands enjoy over the next few weeks is a lesson to marketers in all sectors about the importance of finding new consumer audiences and stepping into what they perceive to be the unknown.”