Slimming savers: Morrisons is cheapest supermarket for dieting products


Researchers at an online price tracking website have analysed the costs of a range of dieting foods and products across seven UK supermarkets to determine who offers the cheapest options for those looking to lose weight this January with the help of Slimming World and Weight Watchers products.

The team at Alertr ( aimed to uncover the supermarket with the most discounted offers on items aimed to support weight loss, to coincide with the new year and subsequent resolutions. After tracking a number of popular items across the Slimming World and Weight Watcher ranges, the team aimed to determine the supermarket that had the best variety of products at the lowest price.

The supermarkets analysed were Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado. Other supermarkets, such as Aldi and Lidl, were not included in the research due to the inability to shop the full range of items online.

Iceland is known for its exclusive partnership with Slimming World and its frozen products, whilst the rest of the supermarkets all carry a range of Weight Watchers products both online and in-store. With both brands popular amongst those looking to lose weight, there will arguably be a spike in interest in products throughout January.

The below list shows in order which supermarkets currently carry the most to least Weight Watchers/Slimming World products online:

  1. Iceland – 44 Slimming World products
  2. ASDA – 39 Weight Watchers products
  3. Ocado – 38 Weight Watchers products
  4. Morrisons – 36 Weight Watchers products
  5. Sainsbury’s – 34 Weight Watchers products
  6. Tesco – 27 Weight Watchers products
  7. Waitrose – 6 Weight Watchers products

When it comes to the most and best discounted, Morrison’s came out on top:

  1. Morrisons – 26 discounts across 39 products
  2. ASDA – 24 discounts across 36 products
  3. Tesco – 9 discounts across 27 products
  4. Sainsbury’s – 6 discounts across 34 products
  5. Ocado – 6 discounts across 38 products
  6. Waitrose – 0 discounts across 6 products
  7. Iceland – 0 discounts across 44 products

The below shows where customers would save the most money if they were to purchase each reduced item, with the cheapest supermarkets emerging as follows:

  1. Morrisons – £12.45
  2. ASDA – £11.07
  3. Tesco – £5.40
  4. Ocado – £4.48
  5. Sainsbury’s – £1.50
  6. Ocado – £4.48
  7. Waitrose – £0
  8. Iceland – £0

Andy Barr, co-founder of, said: “We predicted that some supermarkets would increase prices of dieting products in January as there would be such a surge in people trying to lose weight and purchasing Weight Watchers and Slimming World products for the first time, who would be unaware of the typical pricing structure. That being said, it is great to see the big named supermarkets supporting those with health goals that might be struggling from the cost of the festive season.”