Smart Vend Solutions launches ‘point and vend’ hygienic technology

New point and vend technology

New point and vend technology

Leading vending equipment supply and maintenance company, Smart Vend Solutions, claims it is proving it has its finger on the pulse of market innovation and the consumer experience with the UK launch of ‘point and vend’ technology.

Part of the Stanco Services Group, which has been established for 24 years with a UK-wide presence, Smart Vend Solutions has  unveiled the G- Drink 9 FP; one of the world’s most technologically advanced, convenient, easy-to-use and hygienic vending solutions.

The machine operates with an interactive glass front, which enables the user to point their finger directly at a product to make and confirm a selection, and then collect their order without once touching the machine when using a cashless payment card.

This hygiene advancement is made possible by gesture recognition software based on camera sensors to accurately identify a user’s product choice, created by Sanden Vendo.

Publically exhibited for the first time at this year’s AVEX 2015, the vending industry’s showcase event, the machine was a stand-out attraction for exhibitors and visitors.

Further to its hygienic benefits the G-Drink 9 FP’s unique camera sensor technology also presents a first-of-its-kind yet long-overdue vending accessibility solution.

When a disabled user, who may not have previously been able to reach a traditional stationary control panel, approaches the machine and points at the highlighted wheelchair symbol, the machine’s cameras will calibrate themselves to ensure the user is able to easily point and select any item in the machine.

This user-friendly technology provides is claimed to be an innovative solution to ensure unprecedented user accessibility enabling all users to enjoy an entirely individual vending experience.

Smart Vend Solution MD, Malcolm Standage, said: “Every decision taken during the creation of this machine has been taken in the interest of both the operator and the end-user to deliver a new benchmark for customer interactivity in the vending market.

“This has resulted in this innovative and personal ‘point and vend’ experience for all users, including, for the first time, those who previously may never have been able to enjoy this individual retail experience.

“Furthermore, the G- Drink 9 FP is completely compatible with the vast majority of efficiency saving and stock monitoring backend telemetry software.”

Smart Vend Solutions said it offers the only nationwide one-stop shop for SandenVendo’s new equipment sales; existing equipment service support, parts and supply; technical help line and field support.