SML continues to expand capacity to support growing global RFID market for Retail

SML, the leading full-service Item-level RFID solution provider, has today announced its impressive progress in the retail industry. In 2017, the company produced over 1.4 billion encoded RFID tags, allowing SML to deliver encoded RFID tags to over 95% of the retail RFID rollout projects around the world.

SML is a trusted partner to the world’s largest retailers and top fashion brands, delivering proven results and rapid ROI. SML offers a broad range of certified RFID-enabled labels, stickers, hang tags, woven labels, printed fabric labels and inlays from the largest global network of RFID source-tagging service bureaus.

The Item-Level RFID encoded tag market is currently growing at over 30% each year and SML is investing heavily to support this rapidly growing market. High speed encoding and converting solutions are accommodating the expansion of existing and new brands in a fast-paced fashion industry. More SKUs, lower volumes per SKU with higher overall volume and faster sew to store timelines are aspects which can all be achieved by the adoption of RFID.

SML Group recognized years ago that encoding close to the vendor was a necessity, therefore encoding solutions were built to support rapid set-up and expand to support the market demand”, says KC Lau, CEO of SML Group.

Lau continues: “This strategy has since been well received by customers and differentiates us from others in the market. We expect to double our capacity every two years, as we continue to grow faster than the broader market”.

Customers are now turning to the highest performing inlays possible, in order to support more rapid stock counts within stores and more accurate supply chain read performance.

SML’s emphasis on expansion is not solely production related, but also embraces the area of sustainability. We develop and produce sustainable products without compromising quality, performance or speed.” says Lau. “Inlay designs, labels and all other RFID solutions provide retailers with full coverage of the technology, including remote RFID printing solutions for garment vendor logistic centers and retail stores.”

SML currently operates the largest network of RFID tag services bureaus across the world, active in 20 countries and supporting a wide range of tag formats. This includes adhesive labels, labels on existing price tickets, integrated price tickets, integrated sew-in labels and customer designed solutions for hard to tag items across several industries.