Snapchat and Shopify announce new partnership

Snap has partnered with Shopify, the major eCommerce platform, to build a seamless integration for Shopify merchants to buy and manage Snapchat ads directly from the Shopify interface.

Shopify merchants are often small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) — with busy days and deep familiarity with using Shopify to promote and grow their business. Today, Shopify is launching a new “Snapchat Ads App” within their interface — as Snapchat becomes only the third major player to offer a one-stop-shop to advertise from within Shopify.

  1. Buy Snapchat Ads through Shopify:
    • Any Shopify merchant will now be able to create and manage basic Snapchat Story Ad campaigns directly from the “Snapchat Ads App” within Shopify’s self-serve buying interface.
    • This gives merchants access to a streamlined Snapchat ad buying flow, catered to meet the core marketing needs of SMBs.
    • At launch, this supports:
      • Targeting:
  1. Geographic (Country, Region, Metro)
  2. Demographic (Age and Gender)
  3. Interest-based (Snap Lifestyle Categories)
  4. Format: Story Ads — showcase your brand or product via a Discover tile (launched April 2018)
  5. Snap joins Facebook (Carousel Ads & Dynamic Ads) and Google (Search, YouTube etc.) as the third major platform to complete a direct self-serve advertising integration with Shopify.
  6. Availability will begin to roll out in the next few weeks.
  1. Sync your Product Catalog: merchants can now connect their Shopify store directly to Snapchat Ads Manager and seamlessly create ads from their product catalog. (Previously, advertisers had to manually export their catalogs into a file, and then upload in Snapchat Ads Manager.)
  1. Snap Pixel auto-install: Shopify merchants previously had to manually go into their source code to install the Snap Pixel on their website — this integration makes it seamless in just a few clicks.