Snappy Shopper announces free delivery for over-60s amid unprecedented demand

On the back of the national coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, the fast-growing convenience home delivery platform, Snappy Shopper, has introduced measures aimed at protecting the supply of convenience store products to local communities.

Older customers (over-60s) can use the code OVER60 until further notice on all of their orders over £10 for free delivery. All partner retailers have fully supported the move to help this more vulnerable group within their communities at this time of unprecedented crisis.

A further measure announced was the distribution of hygiene packs to support frontline Snappy Shopper delivery drivers and customers. 

Mark Steven, chief executive at Dundee-based Snappy Shopper, explained: “At Snappy Shopper we recognise the essential part convenience stores play in their local communities, particularly in times of crisis.

“Our service is invaluable to local communities where we aim to protect and support our retailers and their customers. Home delivery for at-risk groups and those self-isolating with symptoms is a crucial service, particularly where they are unable to rely upon friends or relatives to help. 

“To further support communities and with the support of our retailers we are launching free delivery for all customers over the age of 60 using the service. This will allow these customers to receive free delivery from their local convenience store without leaving their homes.”

Steven said that Snappy Shopper has seen a 115% uplift in platform sales and a 62% uplift in customer transactions since the Prime Minister’s initial measures were announced.

“We have seen unprecedented demand on our platform as customers look for a convenient, secure and safe means to purchase products and have them delivered rapidly,” he said. “Our aim is to provide a service that our communities trust and can rely on in these difficult of times.”

Confirming that “robust hygiene protocols for delivery staff are essential”, Steven added: “Snappy Shopper is issuing guidelines and hygiene packs to all stores in order to support frontline drivers.

“This not only helps protect drivers but also customers from further spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).”

Initially launched in Dundee, Snappy Shopper is now available across convenience stores in the UK mainland. Snappy Shopper provides local convenience retailers with a powerful ecommerce home delivery solution, with the most successful platform stores achieving £10,000 per week in home delivery sales. The average basket spend is £21.

Steven said: “The solution allows shoppers to order via the app and have products delivered to their door in 30-60 minutes. The app automatically highlights participating stores in the shopper’s local area and allows them to order and pay via card or cash.

“The platform also provides the retailer with several customer insights that can be used to drive sales. Built-in functionality allows stores to target customers with special offers via push notifications.”