Snappy Shopper home delivery platform sees demand soar


Snappy Shopper, the fast-growing mobile app and web-based convenience store home delivery platform, has reported a fivefold increase in store numbers on the back of demand from retailers and customers during the coronavirus crisis.

In the five weeks since Prime Minister Boris Johnson made his first lockdown announcement on March 23, Snappy Shopper reported a 534% increase in platform sales in comparison to the previous five weeks.

Platform customers have increased by 360% over the same period and average basket spend has increased by 51%, from £21.52 to £32.49, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mark Steven, chief executive of the Dundee-based company, said: “Demand for our service from both retailers and customers continues to go through the roof.

“We believe we have the best technology and most functionally rich platform in the market and as a result, our top retailers are regularly generating home delivery platform sales in excess of £10,000 per week.”

Steven added: “During the Covid-19 pandemic our top-performing store generated an incredible £39,800 of home delivery sales in a single a week.

“Many of our retailers are also providing free delivery to customers over 60 years of age during the lockdown and we are very proud to be providing a key service that helps local retailers support their communities during these unprecedented times.

“The Snappy Shopper platform is easy to install and can operate completely independent of a retailer’s EPoS system,” he continued. “Retailers charge the same prices that are available to customers shopping in-store which drives customer loyalty. This results in many stores having the same customers purchase every single day.”

Initially launched and trialled in Dundee, Snappy Shopper is now available to convenience stores across the UK mainland. The platform provides local retailers with a powerful ecommerce home delivery solution, with the most successful stores regularly achieving £10,000 per week in home delivery sales.

Steven said: “The solution allows shoppers to order via the mobile app and the website, and have products delivered to their door in 30-60 minutes although current demand with Covid-19 means that orders may be delivered outside this timeframe.

“The app automatically highlights participating stores in the shopper’s local area and allows them to order and pay via card or cash.

“The platform also provides the retailer with customer insights that can be used to drive sales while built-in functionality allows stores to target customers with special offers via push notifications.”