Snappy Shopper launches second national advertising campaign


Snappy Shopper has launched the second phase of its ‘local store, to door’ activity to further drive awareness of the Snappy Shopper platform across the UK.

Snappy Shopper, the cutting-edge home delivery app and web platform targeted at the local convenience sector, is going back on TV, radio and digital channels in its second ever national advertising campaign.

Running for three weeks from 25 January to 14February 2021, this is the second time that Snappy Shopper will have invested a 6-figure sum in advertising to generate sales for its 650 retail stores. 

In addition to TV in Scotland and Wales and radio in other areas of the UK, Snappy Shopper will be driving consumers to the delivery service of their affiliated convenience stores, by investing in digital display and social media advertising. The campaign has been planned to generate just under 60m impressions across traditional and digital channels.

Philippe Rondepierre, Snappy Shopper marketing director, said: “We made significant gains in awareness and consideration during the last campaign and growth in the number of new users has accelerated significantly since our first campaign which took place last autumn.  This time, our traditional media and digital activity will run concurrently, to make the most of the growth in On Demand Convenience.   It will cover all existing delivery areas in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“Our campaign will also be using data and insights gathered in our last campaign, to generate even greater numbers of new shoppers.”

Stores using the app are supporting the campaign with free delivery coupons. “The key objective of this campaign is to generate increased awareness of Snappy Shopper and encourage potential users to make their first purchase. We have a dynamic set of support tools available for stores to enable great customer service. Our national marketing programme, in support of local convenience stores, adds to the considerable level of local marketing support which our retail partners also enjoy.  Both clearly set us apart from our competitors,” added Rondepierre.