SNG Commercial expands Muvo range with launch of dishwasher tablet


SNG Commercial has expanded its low-cost Muvo range with the launch of a new dishwasher tablet. The all-in-one dishwasher tablets, which match the big brand leaders in quality, offer retailers a cost effective alternative that doesn’t compromise on performance, the company claims.

With RRPs ranging from £1-£6.49, both the Original and Lemon variations are available in a range of sizes including a compact 15 pack, a family-sized 30 pack, a big-value 50 pack and a super-value 100 pack. All tablets are packaged in recyclable doypack bags with slim dimensions and full to capacity – meaning that more packs can be loaded onto each lorry load and retailers benefit from more space on their shelves.

The all-in-one tablets, which offer premium results even at low temperatures, provide powerful cleaning performance, streak-free rinse aid, glass protection and shine, stainless steel protection, odour eliminating technology and salt action, said SNG Commercial. The Muvo Dishwasher Tablets also have a dissolvable wrapper which makes them easy-to-use and reduces waste.

Managing director of SNG Commercial, Simon Gunter, said: “Muvo’s ethos is to create high-performing quality products at a leading value-orientated price point. We have seen a gap in the market to offer retailers and consumers premium products without the premium price tag. Our new tablets are the first in a line of products for our dishwasher range which we will be expanding over the next 12 months.

“We already have a number of discount retailers on board to start stocking the product from the beginning of November and will be supported by a fully integrated marketing strategy using a combination of in-store promotion, advertising, PR and social media.”