Snug and Katherine Ryan livestream drives 450% sales growth


Snug, the original Sofa in a Box company, achieved a record hour of revenue in its latest live social event. Held live on Instagram with popular comedian Katherine Ryan, Snug saw an impressive 450% growth in sales compared to its previous live event in March.

The 45-minute livestream held on the evening of 16 November saw 6,000 users join the event at its peak, and overall attracted enough virtual visitors to fill Wembley Arena after more than 30,000 people signed up. Engagement levels were high, inviting nearly 43,000 comments, plus the event drove a record amount of traffic to Snug’s website and resulted in a 160% increase in virtual consultation bookings. Snug has even seen more visitors to its physical retail pop-up in Leeds since the livestream, with people wanting to find out more about the brand.

Snug is pioneering the livestream selling trend in the UK. Back in March, it was the first ever Direct to Consumer furniture brand to hold a live selling event and the success of this showed Snug the potential the channel has to generate sales and web traffic, as well as engage and bond with new and existing consumers in a fun, unique, dynamic way.

Snug devised its most recent live selling event and its supporting communications framework, making use of the latest Instagram feature that allows four people to go live on one stream. Snug aimed to mix entertainment with user participation to maximise engagement levels, with questions planted during the event which highlighted Snug’s products, USPs and its impressive high-speed delivery times.

While it is still early days for livestreaming in the UK, as a challenger brand Snug is determined to be at the forefront of it. The phenomenon is already well established in China, with brands and celebrities reporting multi-million dollar revenue generating events in an overall market estimated to be worth $171 billion in 2020 (source: McKinsey & Company). It is also a fast-growing trend in the United States, where the livestreaming market was worth about $6 billion last year and is predicted to reach as much as $11 billion by the end of 2021 (source: Coresight Research).

Commenting on the event, Rob Bridgman, Founder & CEO of Snug, said: “Snug was founded with one purpose in mind: to offer a Sofa in a Box that is fast and easy for Millennials and Gen Zs living in urban properties to have delivered and set up in their homes. Live selling on social media is the perfect channel to reach our core audience, it’s an opportunity to show off our fantastic sofas, highlight our quick delivery times, engage with our consumers and generate sales. We’re a challenger brand and it’s in our nature to want to be at the forefront of the next big thing in Retail – and we believe live selling is that.”

Comedian Katherine Ryan said: “The best thing about Snug (in this country), is the fact that it comes quickly. Because, I’m not kidding, I have been absolutely gobsmacked by the number of weeks and months and in many cases decades that it takes to obtain furniture in the UK when it’s made to order and when it needs to be shipped from wherever in the UK. I don’t understand how Snug does it.

“I like the modular element, I like the guaranteed to fit – that’s great but coming so quickly should be shouted about from the rooftops. That’s the greatest thing about a sofa for me.”

Ryan added: “I so enjoyed hosting the Snug Instagram live event and hanging out with everyone on my sofa.”