So, you want to rival big players like Amazon? Here’s how, using SEO


Does your e-commerce website appear in Google search engine results? Are search engines driving sales to your website? If you do not have an online presence that is noticed by your target audience, how will you ever get ahead? Do not worry – many business owners struggle to get their business featuring in a search engine’s organic results. It does not mean that it is not possible for you though. 

In 2018, a BBC article listed Amazon’s value at £779 billion! Even if your business’ value is nowhere near that, don’t be disheartened. 

You might have a product range as extensive as Amazon and an e-commerce setup that would give Amazon a run for its money, but if you do not appear in a search engine result, you’re never going to be able to rival such a big player, on the same level. 

At Dojono, we are often asked how big players like Amazon got to where they are and how small to medium business can even begin to compete. The fact of the matter is that Amazon has billions to spend on their online advertising efforts, but similar success can actually be achieved with effective and strategic SEO.

SEO is the answer to outranking (or ranking alongside) big e-commerce brands

You might think that getting your online retail business off the ground is going to prove impossible, but it is not. Strategic planning and meticulous SEO is required to outrank the likes of Amazon in popular search engine results. 

Do not know where to start? Understanding what Amazon is doing right is a good place to start. Here is what Amazon has that makes them so successful:

  • They have authority – Amazon sells anything and everything. This does not mean that you need to expand your product catalogue. You can establish yourself as a niche expert with a small catalogue.
  • Reach – you can see the Amazon brand advertised and linked to just about everywhere online. Amazon has billions to spend on marketing and you probably do not. That does not mean that you can’t get your business its share of the market.
  • Competitive prices – Most people know that if they shop at Amazon, they are going to get a good price. Doing market research into pricing is a good way to ensure that your product prices are always competitive.

So, how do you compete with all of that? The first thing is that you actually have to compete. You do not necessarily need to obliterate Amazon from day 1, but you can throw your hat in the ring and start getting your brand (and online retail store) noticed.

Five e-commerce SEO tips to iutrank the Likes of Amazon

You do not need to be an online advertising expert to start earning better search engine rankings. You simply need a strategy to follow and to put in effort, not just once-off, but consistently. Below are a few tips to boost your Search Engine Optimisation results and get ahead in the business world. 

  • Develop a list of strategic variable keywords.

Everyone thinks a little differently, which means that they search for products and services differently too. While someone might search for exact device names and features, another person might use vague search terms. It is important to spend time drawing up a list of keyword combinations for your key products. Try come up with as many variations of potential product search terms as possible. You can monitor how each of these keywords performs and slowly start whittling out those that do not drive visitors and sales to your e-commerce store.

  • Create keyword relevant product descriptions.

According to a Telegraph article, £1 in every £5 spent with UK retailers is now spent online. That’s where the money is, so your business should be geared towards drawing online attention and sales. Your product descriptions should be written to appeal directly to your target customer. Under no circumstances should your product description be copied from a supplier’s or any other website. Before writing product descriptions, make a list of questions that potential customers might have about your product and write the description in such a way that all of these questions are constructively answered. 

  • Encourage product reviews for good back links.

When good quality sites link back to you and make mention of your products and online retail store, there is more chance that you will appear in a Google search (often due to relevance and enhancing the customer experience). Search for niche review sites that focus on your particular industry or type of products and encourage existing customers to post reviews. Review sites allow for links to be included to websites and product pages – make the most of that.

  • Join forums and groups in your niche market.

Take some time to search social media and the rest of the internet for groups and forums that are dedicated to your niche market/product range or area of interest. The people in these groups are specifically interested in the same industry and market as you are and can be the perfect audience for spreading the word about your brand and online store. Do not bombard groups and forums with spammy links and content. Take the time to introduce yourself and mention your business. Then continue to work on forming real connections and having real/meaningful conversations with other members. Posting polls, asking questions, commenting, and providing helpful product information will earn you a reputation as an industry expert in your field. 

  • Create genuine high-quality content.

Establishing yourself in your niche industry will not happen overnight and it also won’t happen if you do not offer something of value to your customers. You can’t simply have long lists of products advertised for sale on your e-commerce site. Use your products as inspiration to create useful content for your customers. ‘How to’ articles, product demos, and interesting pieces of newsworthy information that is relevant to your industry will do wonders for your brand and your SEO.

Look into effective SEO content writing. Response posts and listicles are effective SEO content posts.

Last word

Do you want to take charge and start enjoying the same online exposure that big players like Amazon do? Use the tips above to enhance your SEO efforts and boost your online exposure exponentially. If you are ready to see your SEO efforts soar, consult with one of our professional Search Engine Optimisation experts at