Soda Folk launches two new flavours, Key Lime Pie and Jam Roly Poly in 750ml sharing bottles

Key Lime Pie and Jam Roly Poly, two iconic desserts from either side of the Atlantic, are the new flavours to join Soda Folk’s roster of American-style soda. Both flavours will be available in brand new 750ml sharing bottles, a category first for Soda Folk!

Just like the other tasty flavours on offer, Key Lime Pie and Jam Roly Poly are free from all unnecessary ingredients and preservatives as well as being 100% vegan, contain high natural juice content and zero added sugar.

Key Lime Pie has notes of a smooth but subtle meringue, rounded off with a zesty key lime to bring your taste buds back to life. Meanwhile, Jam Roly-poly tastes like juicy strawberry jam, wrapped in a tasty sponge and smothered in vanilla custard. Delicious. 

Both sodas retail at £3 each for a 750ml bottle, exclusively available in Sainsbury’s and on Soda Folk’s online store from 4th October.

Simon Waterfall, managing director of Soda Folk, said: “After such a fantastic reception to our limited edition flavour, we simply had to bring Jam Roly-poly back again! We are also excited to introduce Key Lime Pie which we know people are just going to love. The sharing bottles will be great for those parties and gatherings as we get closer to the festive period, more Good Soda to go around can only be a good thing!” 

As ever, Soda Folk have chosen to champion a local hero to be the face of Key Lime Pie. And they don’t get more heroic than Kelly Iles. After her restaurant was forced to close during lockdown, Kelly went on to donate over 90,000 meals and snacks in her local area. 

Kelly Iles, the new character for Key Lime Pie, said: “This is a huge achievement and a massive honour. Never in a million years did I think I would be on the front of a can of soda, or anything for that matter! But this isn’t about me. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of my amazing staff, without whom, none of this would have been at all possible.”

Kate McAllenn from Kent was the winner of Soda Folk’s Best School Dinner Folk 2021, and is back as the character of Jam Roly Poly! 

Kate McAllen, the character for Jam Roly Poly, said: “I’m thrilled to be on the new bottle and acknowledged for the work myself and my colleagues do across the country. Although I was unable to carry out my normal job during lockdown, I wanted to put my skills to good use, helping local charities and organisations learn more about cooking and healthy eating. It’s such an honour to be recognised for this!”