SodaStream adds new Kombucha flavour to Soda Press Co. range

Crazy for Kombucha? You can now make your own sparkling Kombucha drinks at home, as SodaStream announced today the addition of Soda Press Co. Kombucha to its product portfolio, the world’s first certified organic Kombucha concentrate.

Kombucha is a low calorie drink made by allowing sweet tea, bacteria and yeast to ferment, resulting in a low sugar taste sensation that is proven to be good for your health. The delicious Soda Press Co. Kombucha is perfect for those looking to reduce their sugar intake and take care of their immune system, as it packs a whopping one billion live probiotics per serve – which is more than double that of standard Kombuchas!  

Featuring traditional flavours, the Soda Press Co. Kombucha syrup has subtle hints of crisp apple and juicy peach, which add a sweet twist. For fans of something fruiter, the Soda Press Co. Kombucha Passion Fruit & Mandarin is packed with flavour and can even be used to re-create a Pornstar Martini.  

The new Kombucha Original and Kombucha Passion Fruit & Mandarin flavours are available in twin packs from for £15.98. With one bottle making around 12 drinks, each twin pack enables you to make 24 servings.

To enjoy Kombucha at home, consumers simply need to sparkle their water using their SodaStream machine of choice, add a dash of Soda Press Co. Kombucha to taste, and enjoy. For those that don’t yet have a SodaStream, no worries – you can pick up the SodaStream Spirit One Touch sparkling water maker at Costco stores now for (RRP £129.99) or the SodaStream Jet sparkling water maker (RRP £89.99) from selected Asda stores.

Tiago Alves, managing director of SodaStream UK, says: “With many people looking for a natural health kick right now, adding a dash of Kombucha to sparkling water is a great way for consumers to enjoy a refreshing and healthy drink. We’re incredibly excited to announce this partnership with Soda Press Co. and the launch of its new organic Kombucha syrups crafted specially for SodaStream.”

Nadine Singler, marketing director of SodaStream UK, says: “We’ve been working with Soda Press Co. on the Kombucha syrup for over a year now and we can’t wait for consumers to try it. It’s very low in sugar, less than 1 gram per 100mls, doesn’t use sweeteners… and it still tastes delicious. Consumers just need to add a dash to sparkling water, sit back and enjoy.”