SodaStream enters convenience market with new Nisa partnership

SodaStream has announced today a major retail partnership with Nisa, to make it easier than ever for consumers to enjoy sparkling water at home. The move means customers don’t need to look further than their local shop to create freshly sparkling water and flavoured drinks at home, at the touch of a button. 

The new partnership, which began its roll out in December, will enable consumers to buy and exchange gas cylinders with ease from select Nisa stores with great opportunity for expansion.

A significant moment for new and existing customers, the launch makes it more convenient than ever to replenish SodaStream supplies. Each SodaStream cylinder is lightweight and makes up to 60 litres of sparkling water for customers to enjoy from the comfort of their own home, eliminating the need to leave their homes to get their sparkling water fix.

What’s more, the partnership offers a brand new category to convenience store owners. SodaStream takes up minimal space on a shelf in comparison to single-use plastic bottled alternatives, with one cylinder making up to 60 litres of sparkling water. Plus, with over a million gas exchanges taking place each year, SodaStream offers an opportunity to drive incremental footfall and repeated business to the store, as well as attracting new customers who may not have shopped with Nisa before. Now store owners can drive sales whilst aiding the reduction in single-use plastic, simply by stocking SodaStream gas cylinders. 

Tiago Alves, general manager UK and Ireland at SodaStream, said: “Our customers want increased availability to buy and exchange gas and convenience is at the heart of this; we are excited to be entering into this partnership with Nisa. By making gas exchange more convenient than ever, we’ve made it even easier for our customers to cut down on their single-use plastic consumption and help to preserve the environment, whilst still being able to enjoy sparkling water from the comfort of their own home.”

Customers can buy new SodaStream cylinders for £22.99 RRP, or bring in their used cylinders to store and receive a £10 discount when purchasing a new one. The full range can also be purchased through the SodaStream website