Sofology launches shopping experience and sees 39% CVR uplift, just in time for peak


Ahead of peak season, retailers throughout the UK have been busy preparing for increased demand online and in-store. As part of their digital transformation plans to deliver a seamless customer experience, Sofology has launched a tool which aims to inspire shoppers and help them make more informed purchasing decisions. 

‘Create Your Look’, powered by Hullabalook, is an interactive experience which allows shoppers to build their own interior designs and visualise how sofas will look at home. Using the tool, Sofology customers can explore the product catalogue and add their favourite products to a canvas. The canvas is completely customisable; shoppers
can change the wall and floor colours and move the products around to replicate their own spaces. 

With ecommerce growth predicted to rise by 10.7% during peak, providing a memorable, high-converting online experience has never been more important. 

Speaking of its success, Graham Wilson, head of business development said: “Create Your Look is already driving amazing results for us. More customers are coming, staying and returning to our site. We’ve seen a 178% uplift in average number sessions per user and 151% uplift in time spent on site.  Web conversions have seen a 39% uplift. These are amazing achievements – not only do our customers love using the tool – it’s also driving revenue. We couldn’t be happier with its performance.”

Bryony Elliott, founder of Hullabalook, added: “We love working with Sofology. The team clearly understands their customers and work tirelessly to provide a personalised shopping experience. We’re very proud to see our technology making such a huge impact. Shoppers using Hullabalook stay on Sofology’s site longer, they keep returning, and they’re spending more. It doesn’t get much better than that.“

s an omnichannel retailer, Sofology is committed to providing a cohesive customer experience online and in-store. Sofologists are currently using Create your Look as a customer services tool which helps customers choose the right products and feel more confident in their purchases. This has already proven to be a success, with higher in-store CVR increasing. 

Online customers can access Create Your Look via under the ‘Inspire Me’ section of Sofology’s homepage.