Soulful Food launches PlantBox range of plant-based convenience meals


Soulful Food, the creator of healthy and nutritious comfort food, has launched PlantBox, a new range of plant-based meals for those in need of a convenient, nutritious and totally irresistible dish. 

Each of the hassle-free meals are packed full with veg, plant-based protein and sustaining carbs, such as grains, lentils or beans, to help nourish the body and soul. With a large proportion of us working from home, cooking a wholesome meal from scratch is not always possible – we need someone else to do the hard work so we can take time to recharge. This is where Soulful Food steps in – the mouth-watering recipes ensure meal times are seriously satisfying, with no compromise on taste and quality.

Bursting with flavours inspired by the four corners of the globe, the PlantBox range allows you to treat yourself to an evening of comfort; relishing in the array of aromatic spices and textures that Soulful Food has to offer. 

The PlantBox product range is available in the following bold flavours:

  • Thai Green Jackfruit Curry with Edamame & Kale: Sweet, coconutty and gorgeously fragrant, this knockout jackfruit, kale & edamame curry is made with freshly made paste, for a turbo boost of nourishing flavour, served with a sprinkling of quinoa, nigella seeds and fiery chilli to warm the soul
  • Vegan Butternut Mac with Kale and Seeds: This outrageously luxurious and creamy rich mac is made with tofu, cashews and almond milk to create the ‘crème de la crème’ of comfort foods, perfect for a cosy night in
  • Marinara Seitan Balls with Spaghetti and Fresh Spinach: Velvety smooth, comforting and inviting, the marinara sauce in this dish, with a touch of fresh basil, brings oodles of flavour to the succulent seitan no-meatballs, topped with fresh spinach for added nourishment
  • Piri Piri Tofu Jambalaya with Jalapeño: Tofu and sweetcorn kernels tossed in a fiery and fantastically flavoursome freshly made piri piri sauce. This wholesome meal is served with nutrient-rich brown rice and topped with toasted almonds and nigella seeds

Soulful Food has also just partnered with Refugee Community Kitchen, pledging to donate 8% of annual profits to support the charity’s efforts in helping to provide humanity and nourishment to hungry and vulnerable people. In addition, the brand has worked with FareShare since 2013, distributing approximately 30k meals in 2019 alone.

The new product launch coincides with the brand’s first ever ad campaign, which uses humour and satire to challenge bigotry and highlight the need for more soul. At the heart of the punchy ‘Need A Little Soul’ campaign is a nod to the fact that everyone benefits from hearty, nutritious and tasty food, featuring a creative execution that speaks to the need for soulful moments and the beneficial effects they can have for everyone.

Soulful Food PlantBox range is 100% plant-based with an RRP of £3.50. The range available to purchase at Whole Foods as well as online at: