Spanish fashion retailer, Grupo Cortefiel, picks Micros solution for franchisees


Spanish fashion retailer, Grupo Cortefiel, is implementing a franchise planning solution from leading provider of technology for the retail and hospitality industries, Micros, to help co-ordinate its international franchise partners and drive revenues.

Building on the successful implementation of Merchandise Planning modules for its company-owned stores, Grupo Cortefiel opted to add the Franchise Planning and Range Visualiser modules from Micros to provide an efficient collaboration solution for its franchise partners.

International expansion is a key initiative for Grupo Cortefiel and strong franchise partnerships are critical to the long term growth of the business, it said. In order to guarantee maximum efficiency, the group’s head office has centralised the administrative, financial, technological, expansion, outsourcing and human resource services, as well as other major corporate executive functions.

Grupo Cortefiel said it needed a solution that was easy to use for both its in-house franchise teams and its entire franchise network. It also needed to provide easy collaboration and support the current Excel business process used by some franchisees.

Using the Franchise Planning module for Micros Merchandise Planning, Grupo Cortefiel and its franchisees can work together to select the most appropriate ranges, prices and quantities for any store in any market, said Micros. Making use of the Range Visualiser tool, franchisees can ensure a consistent visual impact across the range and make sure that products are appropriate to the markets they operate in.

Grupo Cortefiel will benefit from a much improved process for product managers, who will no longer have to struggle with error-prone spreadsheet tools, allowing them to ensure that franchisees have the right products in the right quantities, said Micros. 

This will also provide deeper insight into the products that franchisees and their customers are buying, enabling the company to analyse the decisions made to gain a degree of control over purchasing decisions, and help to generate increased revenue for both Grupo Cortefiel and its franchisee companies.

Helen Slaven, senior vice president retail EAME, Micros, said: “By adding the Franchise Planning module to its already installed Merchandise Planning solution, Grupo Cortefiel will have even more effective planning and sales potential across all channels. With this module, Grupo Cortefiel will be able to ensure that it maintains a consistent global customer proposition. We’re confident that Grupo Cortefiel will reap huge efficiency benefits from this implementation.”