Spar Austria to open store in house where Mozart was born

Spar to open in Mozart's birthplace

Spar Austria has announced plans for a new store in Salzburg in the house where Mozart was born.

According to the retailer, it will offer specially selected delicacies to fit with the tourist theme of the house and surrounding area.

Spar Austria chairman Gerhard Drexel said he would cooperate with monument protection authorities to ensure the protected house does not get harmed in any way.

“Spar is looking forward to proving its overall competence in the retail space thanks to this new store in the 100sq m tourist facility,” said Drexel.

“The Mozarthaus is one of Salzburg’s greatest tourist attractions, and I am delighted Spar has the opportunity to open a store in such a busy and popular location,” he said.

The store is set to open before Easter.