Spar benchmarks own label soft drinks against top brands and relaunches range

Summer Fruits joins new look soft drinks

Summer Fruits joins new look soft drinks

Spar UK is relaunching its own brand soft drinks, bringing new flavours and modern packaging to the range.

Four new lines will be added to the selection, including Spar Summer Fruits and Citrus Juice Drinks, both 500ml; Orange Glucose Energy Drink 380ml and Raspberry Isotonic Sports Drink 500ml.

The 11 lines have an improved recipe and taste, with real fruit juice now in many lines including the fruit crushes and lemonades, said Spar. The sweetener levels have also been reduced in the Sparkling Flavoured Water range for a fresher, cleaner taste, it added.

The quality of the drinks is reported to have been benchmarked against leading soft drinks brands to ensure a fantastic standard, and to keep up with the latest style and flavour trends in the soft drinks market. The range’s packaging has also been revamped to give it a more modern, eye-catching look and clearer on shelf standout for the consumer.

Spar UK brand director, Susan Darbyshire, said: “Our Spar brand soft drinks range is currently worth £20m in retail sales, contributing significant profit to stores across the UK. The drinks represent a cheaper alternative for consumers than branded drinks, without compromising on quality, and offer our retailers higher margins than the major brands.

“With our own brand range growing and improving in quality continually, customers are buying into the Spar brand more than ever, as they can see it offers them great value, quality products benchmarked against our key competitors,” said Darbyshire.

“Spar retailers who take advantage of the comprehensive range of brand products, including our new soft drinks selection, encourage customers to spend more in store, increase customer loyalty and help improve the perception of Spar as offering great value to shoppers.”

The new range will be rolled out to Spar stores across the UK from 17 May 2012.