Spar expands wine range with vegan-friendly Vine & Bloom wines

Leading UK convenience retailer Spar has made it easy to pick up a bottle of vegan-friendly wine locally thanks to its new Vine & Bloom wine range. The Vine & Bloom wines have been developed in close collaboration with long-term supplier partner, Cantina di Sociale Soave, based in Northern Italy, focusing on popular grape varieties including, Pinot Grigio, Merlot and a Rose. This is the first wine range from Spar that highlights its vegan friendly on the front label.

Currently, more than 70% of Spar’s own label wine range is vegan-friendly; including all Sparkling Wines and Champagne. Vegan labelling has also been made clearer on the back label for consumers. From 2021 onwards, it is SPAR’s aim for their entire private label wine range to vegan-friendly.

The Vine & Bloom Range RSP is £6.50 and launches on promotion at £5.50 until the end of January.

Philippa Carr, Master of Wine at Spar UK, comments: “At Spar we have sold vegan-friendly wines for some time. We are seeing more and more producers taking note of the changing consumer trends and the range offers customers three tasty and excellent value-for-money wines.”

Matt Fowkes, wine trading manager at Spar UK, adds: “We are expanding our fantastic wine range at Spar with a new vegan-friendly range. We have sourced these three great wines from a long-term partner, with whom we collaborated with on this project. The Vine & Bloom range is not just a ‘vegan wine’ range, it is a selection of three great wines that happen to be vegan friendly and is now available for all to enjoy. For the future, we are currently working closely with all our suppliers with an aim for all our own label wines to be vegan friendly from 2021 onwards.”