Spar increases sales by 10.5% with Advertima’s AI-powered digital signage

Spar, one of the world’s largest supermarkets, partnered with Advertima to increase revenue from its existing in-store digital signage network. To achieve this goal, Advertima upgraded Spar’s traditional digital signs with its innovative smart targeting and audience analytics solution that delivers hyper-personalized advertising for physical stores. As a result, SPAR, along with brands such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Nestlé, saw an average sales uplift of 10.5% in comparison with traditional digital signage.

Advertima is spearheading the drive-by retailers to use AI and computer vision to unlock the last frontier of consumer data. By understanding audience demographics like gender, age and engagement, retailers can now target the right content to the right customer in real-time. Thanks to its unique 3D vision technology that delivers best-in-class consumer insights, Advertima provides levels of real-world campaign targeting and performance metrics that have never been seen before. Equipped with Advertima’s data-driven technology, Spar’s digital signage network improved product discovery and drove impulse buying at the point of sale.

“By achieving 2.7 times more customer engagement, Advertima Smart Signage increased our sales by 10.5% in comparison with traditional digital signage,” commented Dr. Wolfgang Frick, managing director purchasing & marketing at Spar Group Switzerland.

Advertima is disrupting the legacy DOOH industry by enabling brands and media owners to understand precise audience demographics and display relevant content in real-time. This kind of ‘hyper-targeting’ is unique in the DOOH market and is set to revolutionize the industry. For the first time, retail marketers can use the same programmatic tools (e.g. Google/Facebook) for DOOH media as their digital counterparts and achieve results that traditional DOOH campaigns can only dream of.