Spar invests in summer of sport

Spar (UK) is spending more than £2m on promotional support to help retailers back the world’s biggest sporting events this summer.

Throughout June and July this, Spar retailers across the UK will support the World Cup, European Athletics Championships and Wimbledon with in-store promotional activity on food and drink ranging from beer and pizza to salads and fruit, to target fans watching the events from the comfort of their homes.

Each sporting event will be supported by a strong consumer campaign to communicate that Spar has everything the customer needs.

Adam Margolin, head of marketing support at Spar UK, said: “Spar has been a principal partner of European Athletics since 1996 and an Official Sponsor of UK Athletics since 2004, firmly demonstrating our enthusiasm for all things sport-related and our commitment to promoting active lifestyles. We want to drive awareness of Spar’s passion for sport and secure additional sales by showing how Spar plays a relevant role for sports fans.

In addition to the product-related promotions, which will be featured in the national press, Spar will be producing its largest ever in-store POS kit to ensure in-store theatre is prominent over the summer.

The sporting theme, called ‘Taste the Atmosphere’, illustrates football, athletics and tennis with colourful and attractive icons. Gondola-end header boards, hanging signs, posters and leaflets will come alive in-store with on- and off-shelf promotions, offers, giveaways and specific product promotions. Consumer competitions are designed to drive visits to Spar’s recently re-launched consumer website  HYPERLINK “” .

Outside the store, Spar will be using national and local press and magazines, radio, door-to-door leaflets, Spotify and the Spar website to communicate with customers.

Spar’s website will feature new recipes, sports-related content and competitions linked to sport with top prizes to win.

“Sport offers a significant commercial opportunity for creating themed events and promotions. The two online games developed for football and athletics, will massively increase brand awareness, drive consumer behavioural change, capture data and drive product sales for Spar.

“We’re passionate about delivering something for each of our customers. We understand what drives them and by creating concepts that are remembered and games that people love, consumers will play and buy into our brand.

“Spar’s sponsorship of European and UK Athletics and support of these major sporting events in 2010 is far more than just an add-on to our larger advertising campaigns – it is an integral part of building relationships with customers, and is critical to developing Spar’s local community values, while reaching millions of customers by raising awareness,” said Margolin.

Spar kicks off summer of sport