Spar opens flagship hypermarket in Bangalore, India

Spar has opened an 8,000sq m flagship hypermarket in Bangalore and is targeting 25 hypermarkets in India by the end of 2012.

The hypermarket is situated in the new Mantri Mall and is claimed to be the biggest hypermarket in any mall in India.

The store features the latest international design concepts with a focus on fresh products and will employ 400 staff.

The opening follows the launch of three other Spar hypermarkets in Bangalore and Hyderabad and demonstrates the potential for expansion for Spar in India, said Spar.

Gordon Campbell, managing director of Spar International, said: “The launch of the Mantri Mall store reflects the expansion of Spar, not just in India but globally into new and exciting markets thanks to our winning retail formats.

“The flagship hypermarket will provide a world-class retail experience, while maintaining Spar’s ongoing commitment to good value shopping.”

The Mantri Mall store features wide aisles, 45 checkouts supported by 3D scanning technology, 11ft checkout belts, a 5m queuing area and boasts the biggest trolley fleet in India.

It features glass surrounds in fish and bakery areas so customers can watch their products being being prepared and finished.

The products on offer also demonstrate Spar India’s commitment to its focus on fresh, quality product, as well as to a wide range of goods, said Spar.

“The food solutions on offer are largely for in-store refreshment, and include a Spar bakery and concept counters providing fresh juices, Indian savories and sweets and fruit salads. Shoppers can of course also buy these items to take away,” said Campbell.

The majority of foods available are locally sourced. An extensive Spar India private label range will also be introduced, comprising food and non-food products.

The own-label food range, including sauces and ketchup, jams, noodles and juices, will be available to customers from April; while the 100 sku non-food range, including hand wash, sanitisers, toilet cleaners and other household cleaning aids, will be available by the end of 2010.

Spar said the store will also feature ‘shopping worlds’ providing a range of promotions across children’s, living, kitchen and electrical departments. Gift vouchers will also be available throughout the store.

The store will use oxo-biodegradable bags, a first for Spar hypermarkets. These bags will gradually replace the plastic bags used for fruit and vegetables, as well as carrier bags in all Spar India stores.

Spar said the Mantri Mall provided the ideal location to demonstrate the retailer’s growing status in India.

Occupying 1.7m sq ft, it is India’s largest mall and offers a mix of shops including five top Indian department stores. It has an hydraulic car parking system, extensive elevators and travelators.

“Spar International has and will continue to provide a strong support role in the development of the hypermarket format in India,” said Campbell.