Spar relaunches Sparkling Service training initiative with focus on stores and communities

Spar: focus on in-store behaviour and communities

Spar: focus on in-store behaviour and communities

Spar has launched a new training package that will provide retailers with the tools to deliver unbeatable customer service standards.

Sparkling Service has been relaunched with increased emphasis placed upon in-store behaviours, continuous improvement and community involvement.

The package has been designed to enable a “pick and mix” approach at local level. Various products available include:

• Sparkling Service Train the Trainer – an electronic or printed version will enable store owners/managers to deliver training directly themselves.

• Sparkling Service Video clips – these are professionally produced and highlight to retailers and their staff what good SPARkling Service looks like.

• Sparkling Service Self E-learning – this new interactive product is delivered electronically and will take away the pressure of training from the store owner/manager.

The revised standards are easier for learners to remember and are focused on behaviours which also encourage continuous improvement.  Emphasis has also been placed on the importance of retail stores involvement in the communities in which they serve.

The five training modules within the Sparkling service training programme has been developed to make a new, E-Learning Sparkling Service package for Spar retailers.

Philip Marchant, Spar UK corporate development director has spearheaded the project with the support of a national working group comprised of key people from across each Spar region.

“Since its launch in 2006, the programme has been recognised as an award-winning scheme that hasn’t been matched by our competitors. Now is the right time to roll out a refreshed version to help our retailers become even more successful,” he said.

“We have invested significantly in developing an E-Learning product for our retailers based on feedback that they needed a training product that means they do not need to become ‘trainers’ themselves in order to implement the Sparkling Service standards within our stores. 

“The programme is yet another great reason for retailers to join Spar,” he added.

Mark Gillett, managing director of Spar Gilletts Callington, said: “Using the Sparkling Service manuals gives us a great training tool. All new members of staff are given three weeks to complete the different modules with the assistance of the store manager. We have one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry and I put this down to good training.”