Spar store in Stannington, Sheffield, partners community group to keep locality clean

Clean up community brigade from Stannington Spar

Clean up community brigade from Stannington Spar

A Blakemore Retail Spar store at the heart of the community in Stannington, Sheffield, has joined forces with a local voluntary organisation, inviting residents to take positive action to keep their community clean.

Action for Stannington is a public awareness campaign which operates through the support of volunteers to raise awareness and encourage local residents to look after their community.

The Spar store on Stannington Road has partnered the organisation for more than 12 months by supporting local area clean ups to contribute to a cleaner, safer community.

In addition to this, AF Blakemore’s charitable trust, the Blakemore Foundation has awarded the organisation with standard and in kind donations to help pay for leaflets which will be distributed around the community.

Rachel Stanniforth, store manager, said: “We are a local store that is here to serve the community, and if we can help Action for Stannington make our community a better and cleaner place for the residents and our customers to live then we will help and support them in any way that we can” 

Action for Stannington

Action for Stannington

Danny Piermettei MBE, Action for Stannington, said: “I would like to thank the local Spar store for their contribution towards a cleaner, greener and safer Stannington.  The manager and staff have been helping the Action for Stannington volunteers in various occasions, repairing the pavilion building in the Park, cleaning the old horse drinking troughs and engaging in more humble tasks such as litter clearing.

“Every member of Action for Stannington is a volunteer; therefore we welcome the effort placed by local retailers in being a good neighbour in our community.

“We look forward to be working again with the friendly and enthusiastic staff from Spar Stannington in future.”