Spar UK’s new range of own label wines targets customer missions


Spar UK has launched a brand new range of own label wines. In this new move, Spar has developed a wine range to target specific customer missions and occasions.

Philippa Carr MW, Consultant to Spar UK, said: “Convenience is key to consumers and Spar has created a range of wines which is relevant, on trend and great value for money. SPAR has seized the opportunity available by developing a range of wine that is on trend, relevant and offers consumer’s great value for money.”

Matt Fowkes, Spar UK wine trading manager, added: “Our new ‘Everyday Drinking’ range at £5 and ‘Varietals’ range at £6 are a result of an extensive review of our Spar brand wine values. We are targeting customers who buy wine by their preferred style and key grape varieties. We’ve made selecting wine easier and more accessible for them.”

Cath McIlwham, Spar UK head of brand added: “We are very excited to bring this new range of wine to the convenience market. This modern new range is unique to Spar. The packaging is bold and engaging while at the same time the product has award winning quality and will be available at ongoing EDLP.”

The first phase of the launch will start in October with the introduction of ‘Everyday Drinking’ and ‘Varietals’ wines. There are five skus in the Easy Drinking range. These wines are easily identifiable by their style and value and aimed at the customer who is buying a particular quality of wine at a certain price point. There are 12 skus in the Varietal range. This range reflects the modern trends in wine and has been strategically sourced for best value.

Phase 2 will take place in spring 2018 when an exciting range exclusives and regionals will be added.

The launch is being supported by a strong marketing campaign which includes Spar radio, in-store POS, newsletters, social media, consumer web features and PR.

Everyday Drinking


Bold red 75cl                                      £5

Smooth red 75cl                               £5

Crisp white 75cl                                 £5

Fruity white 75cl                               £5

Fresh rose 75cl                                  £5



Cabernet Sauvignon 75cl              £6

Chardonnay 75cl                               £6

Sauvignon Blanc 75cl                       £6

Merlot 75cl                                         £6

Chenin Blanc 75cl                             £6

Tempranillo 75cl                               £6

Garnacha 75cl                                    £6

Malbec 75cl                                        £6

Pinot Grigio 75cl                                £6

Pinot Noir 75cl                                   £6

Shiraz 75cl                                           £6

Pinot Grigio Rose 75cl                     £6