Spar wholesaler James Hall revamps lunchtime range, launches new meal deal and adds sushi to offer

New lunchtime range

New lunchtime range

James Hall, the Spar wholesaler for the North of England, is relaunching its lunchtime range, introducing a new meal deal and added sushi to its offer.

The Spar wholesaler has sold almost 25m sandwiches since it first started producing them in its own factory in 2009.

To keep up this great momentum, significant changes have been made to the range, which will now consist of 34 Spar and Great Northern products – each available six days a week.

A total of 22 products are either completely new or have improved quality ingredients including free-range egg, crispier bacon, crème fraiche and new breads and rolls.

To meet the trend for healthier eating, 40% of the range will have 360 calories or less and nine products have no mayonnaise. There are also 21 products which contain no pork.

The range’s packaging has received a complete overhaul, with colour film now replacing labels and calorie content and traffic lights now on front of pack.

And as James Hall’s Spar sandwiches have already raised over £200,000 for the NSPCC, the new range will continue to donate 5p to the charity from each sale on eight key lines.

To complement the range of sandwiches and wraps, three Spar branded snack salads are also set to launch in March.

Peter Dodding, James Hall & Co sales & marketing director, said: “On sandwiches alone, our business is now worth £10m at retail – that’s almost 5.5m sandwiches, wraps and rolls.

“The new Great Northern range looks amazing in its new packaging design and we’ve added several premium lines, including two bloomers which are packed in black deli style bags,” he said.

The new range and an accompanying meal deal will all be fully available in stores by mid-April.

James Hall is also revamping its Meal Deal offer in line with the overhaul of its lunchtime range and introducing sushi to its offer.

The new Meal Deals campaign, which is bespoke to James Hall Spar stores, will offer a meal, comprising a main, a drink and a snack for £3.25.

The deal includes every Spar and Great Northern sandwich, wrap, bloomer or triple as well as pasta salads, sushi trays and snack salad.

The drinks available are limited to Spar brand content, making the offer great for Spar brand sales, too. Furthermore, two new Spar snack bags also available – a mixed apple bag and an apple & grape bag. Both are priced at 60p.

The Meal Deal offer also includes the Express Cuisine Halal food range for the first time.

In addition James Hall is introducing a new range of fruit pots, each with its own spork – a classic fruit salad at £1; a strawberry fruit salad, melon chunks, mango chunks and pineapple chunks – all at £1.50; and an exotic fruit salad and berry medley at £2.

Dodding said: “Our Meal Deal is incredibly successful and, now that we’ve refreshed our lunchtime range, it’s important that our meal deal is also right up to date with what customers are looking for.

“Our participation rates for the Meal Deals are already enormous – in 25% of our Spar stores they hit more than 30% of total sales – but it’s important we freshen things up so that we can keep on staying ahead of the market,” he said.

Vegetable Sushi

James Hall has joined forces with Samsi, one of Manchester’s top Japanese restaurants, to offer shoppers a range of sushi.


The initial sushi range will comprise of sushi rolls, or norimaki. These include an eight piece vegetarian and an eight-piece fish range (RRP £2); and an eight piece norimaki with two additional nigiri – finger sushi at £2.50. Each tray comes with a portion of soy, wasabi and grated ginger.


Available to retailers from 17 March via the wholesaler’s dedicated short-life ordering system.


Dodding said: “We are thrilled to have teamed up with the team at Samsi to help our retailers offer something different for shoppers’ mealtimes.


“The quality is fantastic, and I’m confident this new addition will be a great success. We expect to add more products to our sushi range soon.”