Sports betting platform tips the top five tennis players, based on ATP rankings


Tennis is beloved by all sports fans. Millions of people enjoy watching Wimbledon games. Some even bet on winners with promos available via But some athletes have the greatest number of fans. Here are the most successful tennis players, according to ATP.

Novak Djokovic (Serbia)

One of the most famous tennis players, who was the first Serb to win the Grand Slam championship. Today, he is the youngest winner of the Australian tournament. He competed against Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and defeated them.

He is the only one in the history of professional men’s tennis to win all the Slams twice. He now has nine Australian Open titles, two at Roland Garros, six at Wimbledon, and three at the US Open.

By winning three Slams, Novak has almost guaranteed himself No. 1 for the season. Thus, he will almost certainly break Pete Sampras’ record for the number one finish of a season.

Daniil Medvedev

When Daniil was 18, the Medvedev family decided that it was time for him to continue his tennis studies abroad. The choice fell on France, where Daniil’s sister was living at that time. He started training at the famous Elite Tennis Center Academy in Cannes, managed by Jean-René Lisnard. At the academy, Medvedev began working with Gilles Servara who can be considered the co-author of many of Daniil’s successes.

He won three Masters tournaments – Cincinnati, Shanghai 2019, and Paris 2020, the ATP 500 in Tokyo 2018, and four more ATP 250 events. The most successful Grand Slam tournament for Medvedev was the US Open 2019, where he reached the final.

After such victories and successes on the court, Medvedev has a long line of sponsors who have offered him multi-year contracts. Famous brands such as Lacoste, Tecnifibre, Bovet, and BMW work with him.

Rafael Nadal (Spain)

In the 2002 season, Nadal made his ATP debut with the Wild Card in Mallorca. He took his chance to the full, defeating the Paraguayan Delgado in the first round. Further on in the season, he played the Challengers because of his low ranking and succeeded. Three times during the year, he won the ITF.

The 2003 season was already a colossal breakthrough. His ranking was already in the top two hundred, and the organizers of ATP competitions, seeing his talent, gave him invitations. In 2003, Nadal spent almost entirely on the ATP. In March, he won the Challenger, and after that, he played in six ATP tournaments. July was his best performance. Nadal won three ATP matches in one tournament for the first time and reached ½.

He has won at Wimbledon, France, and Australia. He won his first Grand Slam award in 2005. In 2013, he won his second at the US Open.

Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece)

He was born to be a tennis player. His father Apostolos Tsitsipas is a tennis coach. His mother, Yulia Salnikova, was a Soviet tennis champion who never reached her full potential as an adult.

The player made his debut at Grand Slam tournaments in 2017. He qualified for Wimbledon and Roland Garros. A year later, he was already the winner of the title of the First racket of Greece.

Alexander Zverev (Germany)

Alexander Zverev is one of the most controversial stars of tennis. He has long been the leader of the younger generation and has won several high-profile victories but has not gained an army of fans. Despite the titles and achievements, the 23-year-old German is criticized almost more than any other tennis player.

Zverev’s first and unsuccessful performance came in 2013 at the Australian Open. The following year he won the Australian Open, after which his career went from strength to strength. He won his first world tour victory in Braunschweig.