Staples signs multi-country contract with Profitero for competitor price monitoring

Price monitoring solution

Price monitoring solution

Staples, the world’s largest office products company and second largest internet retailer, has selected Profitero’s pricing intelligence service across multiple European countries.

Profitero said it was chosen for its product matching capabilities, scalable data collections that can support Staples’ future growth, as well as for its unique ability to benchmark online prices in any country.

“Staples selected Profitero for its market-leading price intelligence solution which was proven to match all our requirements”, said Radboud Langenhorst, pricing manager, Staples Europe.

“We have been working closely with Profitero for several months now and are extremely satisfied with the initial results. The accuracy and reliability of Profitero’s pricing data is integral to Staples’ pricing strategy, and we look forward to continuing this collaboration which helps deliver great value to our customers.”

Volodymyr Pigrukh, CEO and co-founder of Profitero, said: “We are delighted to be working with the world’s second largest internet retailer, delivering accurate and reliable price intelligence to help Staples grow sales and increase profit margins. Staples’ decision to work with Profitero across multiple European markets is testimony to our unique and industry-leading capabilities and proves that we have become the recognised leader in price intelligence.”

“Profitero now works with over 40 global retailers including Wal-Mart-owned Sam’s Club, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Tesco, Worten, Waitrose and These retailers have all come to rely on Profitero Price Intelligence to make smarter and faster pricing decisions in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.”

Profitero monitors over 70m products across 4,000 e-commerce retailers every day. Its product matching capability, which uses both advanced proprietary matching technology as well as manual validation of matches, ensures that Profitero delivers the highest match rates and accuracy in the industry, the company claims.