Star Wars, Harry Potter and MCU: the most searched themed home accessories, study shows

Star Wars’ merchandise is the most searched themed home accessories, a new study reveals.

The study, conducted by home improvement experts Evolving Home, has analyzed the average monthly searches of common home décor items with the addition of some of the most famous movies and franchises of our time. The single results were then added up in a single total, to uncover the most searched movie themed home accessories.

Just in time for May the Fourth, also known as Star Wars Day, the galactic franchise takes the crown as its merchandise is the most searched for themed home décor and accessories, with a total of almost 75 thousand average global monthly searches. Within this number, the most searched items are rugs, with 8,800 monthly searches and posters, with a whopping 43,500 average searches.

Second on the list is Harry Potter, which trails after Star Wars with a total of almost 70 thousand searches. The wizarding franchise, celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, is still incredibly popular nine years after its epilogue, with fans searching the most for posters (37,700 average global monthly searches), bedding (12,400 average global monthly searches) and customized lamps (7,400 average global monthly searches).

The list continues with the superhero world, as Spider-Man takes the third place with almost 50 thousand average monthly searches, the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole takes the fourth with 41,420 searches and Batman takes the fifth with 21,180 average searches.

A spokesperson from Evolving Home commented on the findings: “It is fascinating how franchises such as Star Wars and Harry Potter are still loved and sought after regardless of their age. Their longevity and never-ending popularity is a lucrative phenomenon. This can be seen not only as fans all around the world gather to celebrate events like Star Wars Day on May 4th, but also as they search to decorate their houses with pieces from the movies, making it unique and perfect to express their passions”.

The study was conducted by Evolving Home, which provides the most up to date home improvement information and product recommendations from industry experts, based on research, hands-on testing, and analysis of user testimonials.