Start afresh with NINE ELMS No.18 this Dry January

January needn’t be about what you’re giving up, but the positive changes you’re making. Whether you’re attempting the full Dry January challenge, taking a break or simply dipping your toe into the world of sobriety, NINE ELMS No.18 provides a new world of sophisticated non-alcoholic taste experiences no matter what your motivation.

Available nationwide, NINE ELMS No.18 is unique in being specifically designed to complement good food, combining four types of dark berry and 20 different botanical extracts to create a complex and delicious taste profile. Ideal for pairing with a variety of savoury dishes, NINE ELMS No.18 can be drunk like a wine alongside a meal, but unlike a wine, it can also be used as an ingredient for an impressive range of mixed drinks and cocktails, so you can get creative this January.

With almost 50% of people now actively trying to cut down their alcohol consumption, a refined non-alcoholic option like NINE ELMS No.18 means that you can reduce your intake without feeling like you are missing out. NINE ELMS No.18 provides the perfect balance of indulgence with helping keep your health in good shape in the New Year.

So this January, why not try NINE ELMS No.18 and ‘mindful drinking’ a go?

For more tips on reducing your alcohol intake, and to join an active community supporting each other in changing alcohol habits, please visit the Club Soda website.