Stella Artois launches ‘Be Legacy’ 360 brand campaign celebrating 600-year brewing heritage


Stella Artois, the world’s best-selling Belgian beer brand, has launched its ‘Be Legacy’ 360 brand campaign. To celebrate its 600 year brewing heritage, Stella Artois has developed a campaign inspired by the unique moments in its history, with the TVC airing nationwide from today.

The Legacy stories are told through the eyes of Sebastian and Isabella Artois, who led the family business through a series of conflict, crises, and historical change. The adverts, created by lead creative agency, Mother, showcase how the actions of these two heroes in Stella Artois’ history left their mark on the world by ensuring that the world famous brew continued to thrive.

By showcasing stories based on pivotal moments in Sebastian and Isabella’s lives, Stella Artois hopes to inspire others to create their own Legacy and leave a positive mark on the world. At the end of each advert, Stella Artois will encourage consumers to answer the question: “What do you want to be remembered for?”

Todd Allen, global vice president of Stella Artois, said: “You can only have a Legacy when you leave something for the next generation to enjoy” said Todd Allen, Global Vice President of Stella Artois. “But it’s not just about fame; it’s about creating something tangible that others can appreciate. Sebastian and Isabella Artois both made decisions that had a huge impact on Stella Artois’ history and success that is still being enjoyed today. Although these events took place centuries ago, their stories show a determination and ability to break through barriers that are still very relevant and inspiring for people today.”

The new advertising campaign will accompany Stella Artois’ premium new packaging, which incorporates the story of the brand’s rich 600 year brewing heritage, traced back to the original Den Hoorn brewery in the town of Leuven, Belgium. New features of the bottle include a new elegant shape and the Stella Artois horn – a symbol of the original Den Hoorn brewery, prominently embossed for a more premium look and feel.

Sebastian Artois: the Entrepreneur, directed by François Rousselet

First in the series we will launch the story of Sebastian Artois:  legend reveals that Sebastian was a brewer at the Den Hoorn brewery, but he always dreamt of owning his own brewery. When the Den Hoorn  brewery was put up for sale, Sebastian sold all of his worldly possessions to buy it, and it was this passion and entrepreneurship which eventually led to the creation of the Stella Artois brand that still exists today. The advert is directed by François Rousselet, an established French director known for a number of music videos and commercials including Kanye West’s The Good Life, Iggy Azalea’s Change Your Life and Snoop Dogg’s So Many Pros.

Isabella Artois: the Pioneer

Later in the series will be the story of Isabella Artois:  whose husband, the brew master for the Artois brewery at the time, passed away. Fighting against adversity and defying all expectations, Isabella stepped up to the challenge and reclaimed her husband’s brewery. She left her mark in a world where no one expected a woman could run a brewery, and ensured that the Stella Artois name lives on today.

The TV advertising deliberately mixes different cinematic styles and eras, juxtaposing the old with the new to bring to life Stella Artois’ historical stories in a modern way that is relatable for people today. The Sebastian advert combines elements from old silent movies with a modern rock soundtrack, while Isabella’s story is inspired by westerns and 17th century period dramas. The OOH imagery is shot by famous British photographer Richard Burbridge whose work covers fashion, beauty, portraiture and still life.

Consumers can learn more about the Stella Artois ‘Be Legacy’ campaign by visiting and view the Sebastian ad by visiting the Stella Artois YouTube page