Stella Artois unveils new streamlined design across its packaging

Stella Artois has unveiled a new bottle design and refined secondary packaging designed to continue to elevate the consumer experience in premium drinking occasions. The new design is being rolled out in conjunction with the brand’s Be Legacy campaign, which celebrates the brand’s inspiring legacy by showcasing stories based on pivotal moments in its history.

Specific design elements, including iconography under the Stella Artois cartouche, have been incorporated throughout both the bottle and secondary packaging to more prominently feature Stella Artois’ brewing expertise and rich heritage, which can be traced back as early as 1366 to the small town of Leuven in Belgium.

The bottle itself has been sculpted to provide a more elegant and streamlined profile, with elevated shoulders to  ensure the richly embossed Stella Artois bottle sits above the competition on shelf, while the neck label and gold trim play homage to the brand’s iconic Stella Artois Chalice.

Refinements have also been made to the Stella Artois can, which has been updated to a more sophisticated and streamlined design, incorporating a gold Chalice outline to add dimension and  the brand’s signature star for a sophisticated finish.

To enhance the consumer experience, further refinements have been made to the iconic white neck label, making it easier to “tear off” for those enjoying the lager directly from the bottle, which ensures the drinker’s lips do not touch the paper.

Coinciding with the unveiling of the new packaging, Stella Artois has also expanded its offering of pack formats, responding to the trend in the market for smaller pack sizes. The packs are available now from all major retailers in 3x 330ml, 4x 330ml, 6x 330ml and 12x 330ml varieties.

“Stella Artois embodies a sophisticated, continental lifestyle and we are excited to unveil an elegant new streamlined design that pays homage to Stella Artois’ rich brewing heritage,” said Rowan Chidgey, senior brand manager at Stella Artois. “This new look and feel not only celebrates our brewing heritage, but more specifically our dedication to crafting the highest quality lager for premium drinking occasions.”