Steria vox pop finds out what shoppers want from retailers

IT-enabled business services provider, Steria, has conducted a vox pop of consumers to find out their views on next-generation retail. Retail Times readers can watch the video of the consumer responses here, which includes their future expectations of mobile retail technology.

Shoppers were asked the following questions:

  • What’s the best thing about shopping in-store
  • What’s the worst thing about shopping in-store?
  • What’s the worst thing about shopping online?
  • How do you feel mobile technology has changed the way you shop?
  • How would you feel if you could use your mobile phone as a personal shopping companion in-store?
  • Which retailers would you most like to be able to interact with via your mobile?
  • How open would you be to retailers sending promotional codes/vouchers to you in-store?
  • Once in-store what would you like to use your smartphone for?

Steria recently unveiled survey results looking at consumer openness to retail environments.

According to the company, the sentiments expressed in the video echo the results of its survey.

The survey found 65% of British consumers want more targeted, highly personalised offers from store loyalty schemes.

Overall, consumers are open to mobile retail services, with more than half (53%) of respondents keen to be sent real-time personalised offers and discounts online or to their mobile device while they shop in-store.

Smartphone sales are consistently on the rise, so now is the time for retailers to capitalise on smart retail applications. Overall, consumers are demanding a more integrated approach to a virtual retail environment, including in-store product location services such as those demanded by mobile customers. To read the results of the survey click here.