Stoats launches naturally sweet Uber porridge bar

Uber bar: naturally sweet and dairy free

Porridge bar brand Stoats has launched an oat bar with no added sugar and is repackaging its range.

The new Stoats Uber bars are sweetened only with the natural fruit syrup, Sweet Freedom. They are also made with organic virgin coconut oil instead of butter so are dairy free as well.

The bars are available in two flavours, strawberry and coconut and pineapple and mango. According to the company, they are slightly smaller than its original Porridge Bars and an ideal snack size.

The Uber bars come in a display case of 16 bars, ideal for counter top impulse buys. Standard trade price is £11.04 a box (£0.69 a bar) with a recomended retail of 99p.

Stoats is currently rebranding its range with brighter labels and colour coded flavours to help customers easily identify their favourite bar.

Stoats: colour coded range

The company has also revamped its Oat Crunch Scottish oats with a new recipe and fresh packaging.

The new flavour mixes oats and seeds but contains no nuts or dried fruits. And, rather than a 380g bag, Oat Crunch now comes in a 450g box for a more premium look.

Oat Crunch: new flavour and pack style