In-store consumer experience provider, Mood Media, launches streaming music solution for business


IIn-store consumer experience provider, Mood Media, is launching Mood Mix, a new online and app-based music service designed exclusively for business. The new offering further expands Mood’s music and delivery options, which include catalogue and custom music programmes delivered via satellite, IP download and now a StreamingPlus solution that stores a portion of the content to ensure an interruption-free listening experience.

Mood Mix is designed to give small business owners a high level of control and interaction with their music programming, allowing brands to customise their soundtracks by mixing musical genres, decades, artists and albums.

“Today, business owners are adopting consumer trends and technologies to create unique and engaging in-store experiences,” said Claude Nahon, president, Mood International. “Mood Mix offers our retail and hospitality clients greater choice by filling the void between consumer streaming options and more traditional business music solutions. The ability to easily access such a vast library of licensed content provides clients with peace of mind and convenience.”

Signature features of Mood Mix include:

  • StreamingPlus Technology: the music stream is pre-buffered to ensure smooth playback, allowing businesses to avoid the awkward and frustrating pauses prevalent in many streaming music programs.
  • Unparalleled Library of Licensed Content: businesses benefit from quick and easy access to millions of tracks through a conveniently organised and robust library of music programs created by Mood’s professional Music Designers – all fully licensed for commercial use
  • Uninterrupted and Vetted Content: songs are further screened for lyrics and content that may be inappropriate for business, and there are no third-party ads or interruptions
  • Unlimited Options: users can access starter programs and then create an infinite number of custom mixes via an interactive virtual mixing board and familiar functions to skip or block certain songs
  • Programmable Playlists: an intuitive scheduling tool allows businesses to design a customised calendar of day-parts, enabling them to schedule individual mixes to reflect the changing dynamics of customer traffic flow

While a separate Mood playback unit is available as an option, no special device is required. Mood Mix is accessible online using a web browser and compatible with any Internet-enabled tablet, laptop, smart phone or computer. The Mood Mix interface is also available via custom apps, now available on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon app store.

“The launch of Mood Mix demonstrates our continued commitment to providing both choice and value for our clients,” Nahon said. “It allows us to introduce the power of Experience Design to new market segments and create new channels for growth and success.”