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Storetec Direct: one-stop webshop for retail equipment

Storetec Direct: one-stop webshop for retail equipment

Storetec, a leading UK supplier of retail equipment including shopping trolleys, shopping baskets and displays systems, has launched an online operation called Storetec Direct.

According to the company, the webshop is the first site in the UK to offer new and eco-friendly, re-manufactured retail and materials handling equipment.

The site – – is aimed at retailers and business owners and provides a range of tailored solutions for sectors including convenience stores, supermarkets, garden centres, leisure centres, specialist retailers and distribution centres. 

Barber: customer demand prompted move into virtual retail space

Barber: customer demand prompted move into virtual retail space

Storetec managing director Tony Barber said Storetec Direct provides a one-stop shop to meet busy retailers’ growing needs.

“The increasing demand from our customers for quick and easy access to affordable, high quality products prompted us to move into the virtual retail space,” he said.

“The unique feature of the site is it offers high quality, new European manufactured products alongside our proven range of Reviva re-manufactured products, which have enjoyed such success in recent years.”

Reviva products re-use existing steel. Storetec reports this saves approximately 44kg of CO2 per shopping trolley, which is 55% less CO2 in comparison to manufacturing a new shopping trolley.

Reviva products include shopping trolleys, hand baskets, basket stackers and display solutions. All items have been designed and manufactured with eco-friendly affordability in mind, the company claims.

In the past five years, Storetec reports it has re-manufactured over 180,000 trolleys, saving an estimated 8,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions (Defra approved figures).

Reviva: re-manufactured shopping trolleys cut CO2 emissions

Reviva: re-manufactured shopping trolleys cut CO2 emissions

“In every aspect, Reviva is right for our times, providing a leaner, cleaner solution for a wide range of steel-based assets to customers looking to reducing their carbon footprint, reduce the unnecessary use of raw materials – while at the same time saving money,” said Barber.

According to Storetec, the success of the Reviva branded products made it possible to move to larger premises at Tibshelf, Derbyshire, three years ago. The company has invested over £3m in this facility and has installed a new powder-coating line and made improvements in a number of manufacturing processes.

“This means that today we can offer a wide range of attractive, highly corrosion resistant finishes on all Reviva products,” said Barber. “These compete successfully with almost all new imported products and will outperform any re-manufactured rival products in the UK.”

The Storetec Direct product offer is supported by a range of services including equipment installation, trolley retrieval, maintenance, specialist cleaning, storage facilities and service management.

“This will provide the customer with a choice of solutions to suit their budgets and service requirements – all backed by a factory warranty and delivery to all UK mainland destinations,” said Barber.

Barber said the launch of Storetec Direct was an exciting milestone for the company, which was set up in 2002 and has been supplying the retail market for nine years. 

“I am confident that in these challenging economic times, Storetec Direct will become the e-commerce site of choice for retailers, small business owners and many others looking for a great deal on price and quality across a range of everyday equipment items – whether new or re-manufactured,” said Barber.

Storetec said further new products are in the pipeline including a logistics range.

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