Storytelling Network Shopflix officially launches, bringing to life the stories of founders, brands and categories


Shopflix, a video streaming network where brands can tell their stories, launched today and is available on their app and website. For shoppers, the network offers entertaining, shoppable video content 24 hours a day, demonstrated by expert hosts and category influencers. For brands, Shopflix is a retail partner and content creator, providing a new D2C sales channel with a lower acquisition cost, stronger margins, and influential hosts with a strong social following that post on behalf of each show.

“With more people shopping online now than ever before – and every brand using the digital ecosystem as a primary way to sell – there’s a lot of distraction and noise, and consumers’ attention spans are diminishing as a result,” said Matt Matros, co-founder of Shopflix. “Many retailers and brands are turning to new channels like livestreaming to sell and showcase products, yet most are happening in-store or on-site and are highly sales focused, which continues to feel transactional versus experiential or engaging in a differentiated way.”

Matros continues: “Shopflix is content first, commerce second, which helps the brand/consumer relationship go deeper than the transaction by providing an engaging story that resonates with their target shopper to pique interest beyond the product.”

“More consumers today are looking to brands that share their values and understand their unique style and interests so brands need to give shoppers a reason to stay interested, recommend their products and keep coming back,” said Lindsey Kilbride, co-founder of Shopflix. “At Shopflix, we care about telling engaging stories of brands and brand founders above all else, which differentiates us from other shopping networks and livestreaming events. We’re thrilled to launch our platform today and begin telling these incredible brand and product category stories.”

All Shopflix created content will fall within one of three distinct content types: long form (20-25 minutes), short form (5-15 minutes), and “Pops” (less than two minutes). Among some of the shows:

  • Wall Traveled: Hosted by Rosie Clayton, she travels to some of the most Instagrammed walls across America to learn about local culture and uncover stories from the best local brands.
  • Breaking ThroughMelissa Chataigne interviews founders who have faced adversity and worked their way all the way up, zooming in on the funny, humanizing, yet relatable ‘rejections’ that nearly all entrepreneurs face.
  • Mom: What Happens Live!: Urban chic moms Ceta Walters and Andrea Levoff tell the funny and often embarrassing stories of living with kids in the digital age. 
  • Generation Next: Low key gadget and tech geek Reagan Bregman takes viewers on an in-depth, yet inviting and relatable look at emerging trends and innovative products that are taking everyday products to the next level.
  • Trailblazers: Have you ever walked down an aisle in a store and thought to yourself, “Who thought of this stuff?”. Well, our host Brandon Layne has! He’s tracking down the pioneers, inventors, and stories of the ideas that spawned billion-dollar industries.
  • Eco-Friendlier: Professional surfer, yogi, and lover of all things eco-friendly, Tia Blanco is here to educate you on shopping behaviors that do their part for the planet. She discusses simple ways to incorporate this top-of-mind thinking into your everyday lifestyle.
  • Taking The Leap: World renowned BASE jumper Jeb Corliss goes one-on-one with brand founders and gets them to open up about the leaps they took when starting their business.
  • Shop Virtual Support Local: This is a Pop that encourages viewers to support local brands. These will be very specific 1–2-minute pieces that introduce the audience to a location-specific brand as they highlight some of their products and what makes them special.

Co-founder Matt Matros previously founded caffeinated sparkling water brand Limitless®, which was sold to Keurig Dr Pepper in 2020. Prior to that, Matt founded Protein Bar & Kitchen®, a high-growth fast-casual restaurant chain that he sold to L Catterton. Lindsey Kilbride was one of the first 10 employees of Trunk Club where she led sales, training, and recruiting. She opened the Dallas office and assisted in expansion efforts in Washington, DC, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, and Charleston and helped with the transition post Nordstrom® acquisition. She was also a sales director at Mary Kay where she earned the coveted Pink Cadillac in her first five months. Most recently, Lindsey was leading sales strategy for successful brands 11Honore and Matilda Jane.

To download the Shopflix app for iOS, please go to: You can also visit their website at