Styles&Wood rolls out business intelligence software to support Tesco in South Korea

Tesco Homeplus: refurbishment programme

Tesco Homeplus: winning business intelligence with iSite

iSite, the technology division of integrated property services group Styles&Wood, has rolled-out a suite of its proprietary building intelligence software to support Tesco across South Korea.

iSite said its Portal system will enable Tesco to more efficiently manage its real estate portfolio, by providing a single view of key information, from lease terms to budgets and maintenance schedules, via an intuitive platform.

South Korea represents Tesco’s largest overseas market, where its Homeplus brand has more than 400-stores and six million weekly customers.

The software will also allow the retailer to better-co-ordinate refurbishment works through a programme management module, iSite said.

Keith Newman, iSite delivery manager for the project, said: “We’ve enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Tesco, having worked together since 2004. Portal will enable its South Korean business to more easily understand how they are using their property assets, spot trends and ultimately improve efficiency.

“We tailored the system so that teams at each Homeplus store can plan and create reports on a central server providing increased visibility. We’ve also installed bespoke features, including sophisticated language translation software, to help users navigate the software.

“We’re seeing a growing demand for advanced building intelligence systems as businesses with large property estates realise the benefits of having a comprehensive, single view of vital company information which will help improve day-to-day on-site operations.”