Sunless tanning solution, Karamel and Brown, launches at

Brown and dark skinned goddesses are set to glow thanks to a solution developed by established sunless tanning beauty boutique, Karamel and Brown. The product has quickly gained a loyal legion of followers, which has led to it securing online shelf space at leading British health and beauty retailer, It’s an achievement for the independently owned brand and is set to help Karamel and Brown become a must have product in the beauty kit of any brown skinned beauty.

Designed exclusively for ladies with brown and darker complexions, the ‘Classic Glow’ range disguises scars, smoothes stretch marks, levels uneven skin tones and of course, emits a radiant post-holiday glow.

Cheryl Effiom, founder, said: “A gorgeous glow suits every skin tone. Enriched colouring is just one of the perks of sunless tanning. With our ‘Classic Glow’ range, ladies can create radiant complexions in just 60 minutes.”

With skin cancer cases on the rise the idea of a ‘healthy glow’ has become quite a controversial topic. While baking skin in the sun may be incredibly damaging to cells, no one can deny the short term aesthetic benefits it has for the complexion. Unfortunately, brown and darker skinned ladies need to spend even more time soaking up the sun to see a difference. Is it worth risking it? No. Is there an alternative? Yes. With the Classic glow range from Karamel and Brown, ladies can create luminous complexions without having to step foot in the sunshine.

Using a specially developed formula the Classic Glow products work harmoniously on Asian, Black, Latino and Mixed Heritage complexions. There are currently three products in the core range – Glow Body Mousse, Express Glow Legs and Glow Face Crème.

So how does it work? The Classic Glow range is based on an active ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone, commonly known as DHA. As a colourless sugar DSA interacts directly with proteins and amino acids in the outer layer of the skin. It’s this chemical reaction that creates a gorgeous golden brown glow.

Since launching in May 2012 Karamel and Brown reports it has received a radiant response. Its products have been featured on, the BBC and a myriad of UK magazines. As well as retailing from the online e-boutique Karamel and Brown it is now stocked on New York-based online retail store Its online shelf space is the boutique’s latest achievement and is set to rapidly expand brand awareness across the nation.