Sunmagic expands fruit juice portfolio with drinkable snack, fruit2day

fruit2day: new category of drinkable snack

fruit2day: new category of drinkable snack

Sunmagic, a range of 100% fruit juices, smoothies and juice drinks, is launching fruit2day, a drinkable snack, which it claims marks a completely new soft drink category in the UK.

The new product is reported to use a manufacturing process developed on advanced research and development to suspend real fruit in the drink, ensuring a piece of fruit in every mouthful.

According to Sunmagic, fruit2day has already captured a sizeable proportion of the market in Germany and The Netherlands.

Now Sunmagic is bringing fruit2day to the UK food and drink sector supported by a sampling campaign targeted at cafes, delicatessens and sandwich bars in the London area. The brand is also planning a forthcoming consumer sampling campaign.

Priced at £1.29 RRP fruit2day is presented in chilled 200ml bottles, positioned as a ‘healthy drinkable snack’ for consumers on the go, at their workplace and in lunch boxes. Flavours include Mangoes, Peaches & Apples and Raspberries, Grapes & Pears.

The fruit2day launch follows the rebrand of Sunmagic’s range of 100% pure fruit juices, 100% pure fruit smoothies and a selection of juice drinks in 2011.

Razin Ali, brand manager for Sunmagic, said:“fruit2day, is an entirely new product offering. It’s different from fruit juices and smoothies as it contains high quality real fruit pieces, fruit juice and fruit puree. This is a new, healthy way to encourage more people to enjoy fruit especially primary school children because one in four are overweight or obese. This is a unique opportunity for retailers to offer their customers an innovative new product that brings an exciting new way of consuming fruit as part of a healthy diet.”