Sunmagic smoothies and juice drinks get new look and flavours


Sunmagic: new look and range

Sunmagic: new look and range

Sunmagic, a range of 100% pure fruit juices, 100% pure fruit smoothies and a selection of juice drinks, has been rebranded with a new logo, packaging design and several new flavours following the company’s debut into multiple retailers.

Reinforcing consumer benefits such as clean ingredients’ lists, 100% juice content or Fairtrade affiliations, the bottles and Tetrapacks have been redesigned to reflect the sunny, beach themes behind the brand, the company claims.

According to Sunmagic, the new logo brings the sun image to the fore; while the label and carton designs feature sun-bleached wooden planks and hand-stencilled letterforms, communicating a warm, sunny and natural place.

The new products added to the range include Blood Orange, Apple & Blackcurrant and Alphonso Mango Juice, multi-packs, Fairtrade packs and Sunmagic’s first price mark pack: 1-litre tropical.

Razin Ali, brand manager for Sunmagic, said: “The new brand design is based on the feelings people have when they drink our juices, juice drinks and smoothies. Whether it’s pouring with rain outside or you’re sitting on Brighton beach, Sunmagic brings the taste of the sun into your life.”