Sunpride launches tropical juice drinks to tap interest in exotic flavours

Sunpride Tropical: new exotic flavours

Sunpride Tropical: new exotic flavours

Sunpride is launching a range of exotic fruit juice drinks to tap growing sales growing interest in exotic flavours in the UK. 

According to IRI EPOS data, the tropical fruit juice market is now estimated to be worth around £140m annually in the UK with sales of mango juice blends enjoying the biggest growth over the last year (+30%).   

And, it’s not just exotic fruit juices that are becoming mainstream – last month pineapples were added to the typical basket of goods and services used by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to calculate inflation.

In order to meet growing demand, Sunpride is launching a new tropical fruit juice range including a new flavour for the UK which combines grapes, guava and raspberry from selected growers around the world.  Available from Sainsbury’s, the juice drink comes in a 1-litre carton and the RSP is £1.39.

Other flavours launching into Sainsbury’s include pineapple juice; mango; apple and lychee; pineapple and coconut and pineapple and passion fruit juice drinks – all available in 1-litre cartons.

Sunpride Tropical is also available from cash and carry, wholesale and convenience sector, and the foodservice sector. 

Marnie Millard, commercial director for Gerber Juice Company, which produces Sunpride, said: “We’ve seen a dramatic rise in the popularity of exotic fruits. Consumer feedback tells us there is an appetite for more new and exotic flavours. Whilst the old favourites are still available, we are providing real variety and with our new additions to the range, we aim to capture some unique tastes for the UK market.”