Superdrug and Beauty Banks tackle hygiene poverty nationwide – launching over 100 donation points in stores across UK

This week, Superdrug and Beauty Banks announce a major expansion in their donation network, with donation points now available in over 100 Superdrug stores nationwide.

With the backdrop of an unprecedented pandemic causing worldwide disruption, the use of foodbanks and other support services is at an all-time high[1]. Beauty Banks has seen a surge in requests and an urgent need for donations in communities across the UK. Recognising this rise in the use of indispensable services like Beauty Banks, Superdrug continues to support this essential charity by launching 100 Beauty Banks donation points into stores across the country, enabling shoppers to donate in their local store. As a retailer of the personal care and hygiene products that Beauty Banks is on constant need of, such as shampoo and conditioner, soaps, razors, deodorant and menstrual products, the Superdrug shopper has everything they need to easily donate in store. In 2018, Beauty Banks introduced donation points in three flagship Superdrug stores, and now, in October 2020, are introducing 100 donation points across all major cities in the UK to improve access to local charities and people in need across the UK.

Beauty Banks is a people powered, grassroots movement empowered by the belief that being clean is a basic human right. With the ultimate goal to make hygiene poverty history in the UK, Beauty Banks supports people living in poverty by providing personal care products and hygiene essentials to those who can’t afford these items. Together, Superdrug and Beauty Banks are delivering Beauty with Purpose.

Beauty Banks co-founder Jo Jones, says: “This expansion of Beauty Spots across the UK is like a dream come true for us. We remain a small charity who grow only in terms of the number of people we support. This is why our partnership with Superdrug means so much to us, they enable us to reach more people across the UK, to enable communities to support those in their community who need a hand-up and to demonstrate the very essence of Beauty Banks – People Power.”

Beauty Banks Co-Founder Sali Hughes, says: “Superdrug is a pillar of the High Street and a beauty destination so to have Beauty Banks donation bins in so many stores across the UK means we’re providing an easy and accessible way for people to donate. Superdrug have been the most incredible partner to Beauty Banks for over two years, we work really closely together to ensure we’re always pushing forwards and working together to unlock new ways to support those people in local communities.”

Superdrug’s Commercial Director, Simon Comins, says “We are so pleased to be continuing to support Beauty Banks as a valued charity partner. Beauty Banks does invaluable and indispensable work in providing those in need with essential hygiene products, and we are thrilled to be expanding the donation network by offering over 100 donation points in Superdrug stores nationwide.”