Superdrug announces removal of all plastic applicators in own brand tampons


This week, Superdrug is proud to announce that it has removed all plastic applicators from own brand tampons, and launched it’s first own brand range of organic menstrual products. The health and beauty retailer has joined forces with environmental activist Ella Daish to continue to offer customers more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Recent studies have found that globally 45 billion menstrual products are disposed of yearly and shockingly sanitary products are the fifth most common plastic to be found on Europe’s beaches. It’s clear that period plastic is an ongoing issue, with Mintel finding that ‘concerns over the environmental impact of disposable plastic products are growing’ (Mintel, Feminine Hygiene and Sanitary Protection UK, February 2020).

With over 200,000 tonnes of sanitary product material believed to end up in UK landfill every year, the discontinuation of own brand plastic tampon applicators at Superdrug will save over 418kg of plastic each year, equivalent to 418 bags of sugar. Instead, Superdrug’s own brand tampons either contain cardboard applicators, or are non-applicator. Superdrug is proud to lead the way and be the first health and beauty retailer to discontinue plastic applicators within its own brand sanitary products.

In addition, Superdrug is pleased to reveal their first own brand range of organic menstrual products, Luna, Made with organic cotton and plant-based plastics, the range keeps you and the planet happy during your period. The Luna range includes two towels, day and night, and one liner for everyday use.

The new range uses only ethical and sustainably sourced elements. The cotton topsheet on the towels and liners are certified organic cotton to meet the Global Organic Textiles Standard, while the absorbent core uses materials obtained from PEFC certified wood, rather than a synthetic polymer, ensuring that the range uses material sourced from sustainable managed forests. The Luna packaging is also ethically made – the wrappers and backsheets use renewable plant based packaging, and the boxes and paper used Forest Stewardship Council certified wood.

Environmental activist and founder of #EndPeriodPlastic, Ella Daish, says: “It is fantastic that Superdrug have listened to the campaign and responded by not only stopping the production of their plastic applicators, but also developing and launching their own eco-range! Period products are the fifth most common item found polluting Europe’s beaches and contain up to 90% plastic, it is crucial that retailers make changes like this to stop unnecessary plastic at source. I’m thrilled that Superdrug have taken these progressive steps and hope to see other manufacturers move forward in this way.”

Superdrug’s head of own brand, quality and technical, Sarah Jenkins, says: “At Superdrug, we are proud to champion sustainable initiatives and continue to make responsible choices. Ella’s tireless campaign to help end period plastic is inspirational, and we have been working with her over the past year to help bring about this change at Superdrug.”

Superdrug continues to explore new ways to be sustainable in own brand products and will be offering more eco-friendly alternatives where possible in the future.