Superdrug announces sustainable initiatives

This week, Superdrug advances in its commitment to reduce plastic waste and support the use of sustainable Palm Oil. Superdrug has taken a membership with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to help address the environmental impact of palm oil. In addition, Superdrug is pleased to be the first health and beauty retailer to sign-up to the New Plastics Economy (NPE) Global Commitment to help reduce plastic waste.

As part of an ongoing commitment to make more sustainable choices available to their customers, Superdrug will be taking a membership with the RSPO. Superdrug is proud to be a responsible retailer, and are pleased to already offer a wide selection of own brand products formulated with sustainable Palm Oil, with over 80% of Superdrug own brand suppliers using sustainable Palm Oil, accredited by RSPO. In addition, Superdrug’s largest own brand range, B., uses 91% sustainable Palm Oil. By joining the RSPO, Superdrug is pledging to continue on the journey of sustainability.

In addition, Superdrug is committed to reducing plastic, and is excited to be joining the New Plastics Economy (NPE) Global Commitment. By participating in the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment initiative, Superdrug is aiming to eliminate unnecessary plastic and to help reduce plastic pollution. Superdrug have already demonstrated their commitment as a business to cut plastic waste by bringing in several initiatives. Superdrug’s B. Makeup Brushes are currently being redesigned to reduce the amount of plastic used by 82%. A redesign of the Fruity range of own brand personal care products will see the removal of black plastic caps and a new bottle that is made from 30% recycled plastic, removing over 10 tonnes of virgin material annually. Furthermore Superdrug is making improvements in drinks packaging, and this year will see a move to a minimum of 46% recycled content in Superdrug water and drinks bottles, saving 12 tonnes of virgin material annually.

Looking to the future, in terms of packaging for its Own Brand products, by signing up to the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, Superdrug has pledged that it will:

·         Eliminate unnecessary plastic by avoiding over-packaging and halving PVC use, with a complete ban on PVC by 2030

·         Use a minimum of 20% recycled plastic content in plastic packaging by 2025, if the supply of recycled plastic permits it

·         Promote packaging that is recyclable or reusable

Simon Comins, commercial director at Superdrug, says: “At Superdrug, we are incredibly excited to be part of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and RSPO to address the impact of palm oil to support the use of sustainable palm oil derivatives. We are proud to be committing to these two vital environmental initiatives. Sustainability and supporting the environment are both incredibly important causes to us as a business, so we are pleased to take the lead in becoming the first health and beauty retailer to join the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment. Where more responsible choices can be made, we are committed to working with the wider business and other organisations to create a more sustainable environment and enable us to offer these choices to our customers.”