Superdrug partners with Olympians to launch new #TeamMe health campaign


n a bid to help the nation take a positive step to improve their health, Superdrug, alongside Rebecca Adlington and Stef Reid, has launched a four-month campaign called #TeamMe, aimed to motivate and encourage people to realise their health goals. Whether that’s losing weight, quitting smoking or getting their blood pressure under control, Superdrug is providing the nation with the impetus, inspiration and expertise to get them there.

The newly-formed #TeamMe is made up of six real Superdrug customers from around the UK who have all pledged to improve their health. Each will be receiving support and encouragement from Adlington and Reid, as well as Superdrug pharmacists, Dr Pixie and nutritionists over the next four months with the hope to achieving their goals.

#TeamMe is however open to everyone and throughout the campaign, Superdrug will be encouraging as many people as possible to take part and pledge their own health and wellbeing goals. The dedicated microsite will host a range of helpful tools including expert advice from Rebecca Adlington and Stef Reid, TV doctor Pixie McKenna and nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed. Superdrug will also be running healthy #TeamMe checks in pharmacy stores across the UK to encourage as many people as possible to take part in a national health check.

The campaign, which launched today to mark World Health Day, follows new research by Superdrug which shows that 89% of Brits want to improve their health, but more than two thirds (74%) have not sought help, advice or treatment and those that have, have waited on average an astonishing 25 months before tackling their personal health concern.

Speaking about #TeamMe, healthcare director at Superdrug, Michael Henry said: “At Superdrug we’re proud of our team of in-store and online healthcare experts who help inform and inspire our customers to improve their heath on a daily basis. Our aim for #TeamMe, is that with the added support of sporting legends Rebecca Adlington and Stef Reid, we can expand our reach to get everyone across the country making positive changes, and with Superdrug and #TeamMe by their side, getting them to win their own health gold.”

Former Olympic swimmer, and co-captain of #TeamMe, Rebecca Adlington said: “You’re never too old, too busy or too late to make a positive change to your health and getting the right support is key to achieving your goal. I could never have achieved my gold medal success without the help of my training team, so that’s why I’m proud to be part of Superdrug #TeamMe – it’s a positive, inspiring campaign with solid expert advice from Superdrug. I think the team is going to be unstoppable in achieving their targets and I can’t wait to go on this journey with them.”

Fellow #TeamMe co-captain and Paralympic long jumper, Stef Reid added: “No matter if you want to quit a 40-a-day smoking habit or simply drop a few pounds, everyone is capable of succeeding with the right attitude and that’s what’s so exciting about #TeamMe. A group of normal people with a common goal – to be the me they want to be. It’s empowering, and coupled with the support of Rebecca and I and the Superdrug experts I’m so excited to see what we can achieve by the end of it.”

Brits can take part in #TeamMe and receive support and expert advice by visiting or by using the #TeamMe hashtag on social media to pledge their own health goals and follow others taking part.