Supermarkets will trump online shopping for Christmas groceries, Research Now finds

Supermarkets to trump online shopping for groceries

Supermarkets to trump online shopping for groceries

Supermarkets remain king when it comes to Christmas grocery shopping, according to Research Now’s study of 1,000 British consumers into festive spending patterns. 

Supermarkets trump online shopping for Christmas groceries  

Research Now found 91% plan on doing their Christmas grocery shopping at a supermarket. This is true even for those 16–24 years old. The greatest proportion of those planning on shopping at a supermarket are those 45–54 years old (98%). 

The most popular way of shopping online will be via a desktop. A quarter – 23% – plan on shopping this way, with 31% of those 16–24 years old and 30% of those 35–44 most likely to. Online shopping with a mobile or tablet has a long way to go. Only 3% say that they will do their Christmas grocery shopping with a mobile device and only 4% intend to shop via a tablet. Those in the 25–34 and 16–24 age bands are most likely to use a mobile device for their food shopping at Christmas, but even then the numbers are relatively low at 8% and 6% respectively.  

And the small independent shops will still play an important part this Christmas, with 16%  saying that they will use them. Shoppers aged 45–54 are most likely to frequent these (20%). 

More than a third plan to spend between £100-£200

Over a third – 36%- say they expect to spend between £100 and £200; 27% plan on spending between £50 and £100 and 14% say they will spend between £200 and £300.

Below £200, there is little difference across the age groups. Of those spending between £200 and £300, the greatest proportion are 35-44 years old (22%), followed by those aged 45–54 (16%).

Spending levels are similar to last year

Of those spending between £50-£100, 69% say they will be spending the same amount as last year. For those spending between £100 and £200, 72% say this is the same amount as last year and 67% of those spending £200 – £300 say that their spend will be the same as last year.

There appears to be some scaling back as 26% of those in the age band of 45–54 and 27% of those aged 55- 64 who plan on spending between £50–£100, say that this is less than what they spent last year.

At the same time, many shoppers plan to push the boat out this Christmas. For those planning on spending between £200 and £300, 26% say this will be more than they spent last year.  This increase in spend is most significant for those in the 16 – 24 age bands (80% say this is more than last year) and the 55– 4 year old group (spending up for 78%). 

Londoners plan to spend the most on groceries this Christmas

The survey found 31% of Londoners plan to spend over £200 on their Christmas groceries this year, topping the rest of the UK. At the opposite end of the spectrum, only 14% of those from the East of England plan to fork out over £200.

One in five Londoners intend to buy their Christmas groceries from independent retailers, second only to Northern Ireland where nearly one third of consumers (28%) will buy from independent retailers. At the other end of the spectrum, only 5% of consumers in the East Midlands will buy their Christmas groceries this year, compared to the average 16% of the UK.