Supply chain consultancy serves up drinks for Playboy Club


Supply chain consultancy, Crimson & Co (Crimson), has been retained by London Clubs International Limited (LCI) to retender its drinks requirements in time for the re-launch of the Playboy Club London, located in Mayfair. 

As part of the project, Crimson reports it has implemented its strategic sourcing process and built relationships with some of the leading drinks suppliers including Diageo, Bacardi and Bibendum.  

According to the company, strategic sourcing is a procurement process that continuously improves and re-evaluates the purchasing activities of a company. Crimson has adopted a seven-step strategic sourcing model for LCI, which has previously been successfully used on longer projects.

Tom Woodham, a director at Crimson & Co, said: “We were asked by London Clubs International to put in place supplier agreements for their beverage sourcing requirements in time for the opening of Playboy Club London. We employed our seven-step strategic sourcing model to help deliver the project on time and within budget.

“We would like to congratulate London Clubs International on the successful opening of the Playboy Club and wish them every success.”

Mike Rothwell, chief financial officer, London Clubs International, said: “We needed a partner that could guarantee a timeline to deliver our beverage requirements in advance of the opening and deliver the best possible products from the right suppliers at competitive prices. We have been delighted with Crimson’s support on our beverage requirements for the Playboy Club.”  

House vodka for Playboy is now Stolichnaya Red, cognac is Courvoisier XO, gin is Bombay Sapphire, whisky is Johnnie Walker Red; but the scope of the project ranged as far as sourcing Macallan Lalique at £11,000 a bottle.