Supply chain standards body, GS1 UK, updates retail product data tool


GS1 UK, the independent supply chain standards and solutions organisation has launched the latest release of its data quality service, TrueSource 2.0.

Managing and entering the same product data in different formats, for multiple trading partners is an unnecessary and costly overhead, the company claims. TrueSource provides a tool set for retailers and brand owners to ensure product data is entered once and is accurate, up-to-date and consistent across multiple platforms, GS1 UK said.

Gary Lynch, GS1 UK chief executive, said: “Having a single version of the truth reduces overheads for trading partners and dramatically enhances the consumer experience. This latest version of TrueSource enables users to manage their product data in one place and share it with multiple trading partners. As the demands for product data grows, we hope that TrueSource can support the industry in managing and sharing trusted product data with trading partners and ultimately with consumers.”

In response to evolving user requirements, a number of enhancements have been made to the functionality and compatibility of the service including: 

  • New user interface – intuitive interface enables users to carry out tasks quickly and efficiently
  • Improved speed – the new tool dramatically reduces the number of steps required to code and publish product data
  • New reporting functionality – more control with advanced searches, history logs and email reports

TrueSource was first launched in January 2011 as a new product data management service in order to satisfy the growing demand for trusted and authenticated product information. The new functionality has been designed to make managing product data easier in a world where demand for accurate data on mobile phones and websites is growing dramatically.